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Cyber Fresh 2.0 Additive 10ml
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Discover the Cyberfresh 2.0 additive from Supervape, a unique and powerful freshness agent. Without menthol or koolada, it is perfect for use alone in your DIY creations or as a complement in your favorite e-liquids, offering an intense, original, and breathtaking freshness sensation.

For an optimal experience, the recommended dosage is between 1% and 6%, adjustable according to your personal tastes. The Cyberfresh 2.0 is presented in a 10ml bottle, in the form of concentrated flavors to mix with your e-liquid base. It is essential not to vape it alone for a safe and pleasant vaping experience.

Underline your commitment to quality with this additive made in France, thus guaranteeing a respectful and high-quality composition for your vape mixes.

This Cyber Fresh 2.0 Additive is a very powerful fresh agent without menthol or koolada. It will offer you an intense explosion of freshness.

Perfect to accompany your fruity, gourmet recipes, but also with the Classics.

Discover a 100% French range dedicated to Superdiyers! The Supervape additive is your ideal ally for the preparation of your DIY e-liquids. Easy to mix in a neutral base, the vaping experience reaches a new peak of freshness and flavor.

Supervape additives and flavors, carefully developed in Loire-Atlantique by the renowned Lips France laboratory, are a guarantee of impeccable quality and authentic French manufacturing. They assure you a safe and pleasant vape, while respecting the strict standards of regulation 1334/2008/EC.


For precise dosage tailored to your preferences, follow the recommendations: between 1 and 6% of Cyberfresh 2.0 Supervape to integrate into your neutral base. Whether in number of drops or milliliters, easily adjust according to your needs. For example, for a 10ml mix, 15 drops, or 0.5ml of additive, are enough to achieve a concentration of 5%.


Each flexible 10ml bottle is secured with a tamper-evident ring, a child safety feature, and a tactile triangle on the cap to ensure safe and convenient use. Thanks to the unique QRCode, access all the detailed information about the manufacture of your product with one click.


For optimal preservation, keep your additive between 4 and 16°C. In its original packaging, it can be kept for at least one year, thus ensuring prolonged use without alteration of quality.

Steps for making your e-liquid:

Basic ingredients such as concentrated flavors and additives can easily be combined using simple equipment: syringes, plastic or glass bottles, latex gloves, and protective glasses. Follow the essential steps of preparation, maturation, and tasting to obtain a custom and tasty e-liquid.

Maturation, a crucial step, varies depending on the flavors: count a minimum of 15 days for tobacco flavors and 48 hours for others. Then adjust according to your tastes, for a unique and personalized vaping experience.

Practical advice:

Start with a single flavor and then explore combinations, respecting the recommended proportions. Label your preparations carefully and note your favorite recipes for easy reproduction.

Choose quality and reliability with Supervape additives, and give free rein to your creativity to create your perfect DIY e-liquids.


This concentrate may crystallize. Before use, store this bottle near a heat source (30°) and wait for the content to become totally liquid, then shake. Do not microwave.

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