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Aliens NI 90 0.20

    Aliens 0.20 NI 90 2X28
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    The Aliens NI 90 0.20 Crazy Fab Coils are coils specially designed for vaping enthusiasts (electronic cigarettes). These coils are made from a Nickel alloy (NI 90) and have a resistance of 0.20 ohms. Their "Aliens" design indicates a specific type of twist and winding, which provides them with an optimal heating surface and improved vapor production. The mention "Crazy Fab" could indicate the manufacturer or the brand, testifying to the quality and finish of these coils.

    • 3 axis
    • 3 central turns and a half turn on each side
    • 15w break-in recommended
    • Increase the break-in gradually from 15W
    • Accepted on Mecha Mod
    • Accepted on electronic Mod between 60W and 140W max (Dual and RDA)
    Artisanal2 pieces

    The "Aliens NI 90 0.20 Crazy Fab Coils" are top-quality coils, perfect for experienced vapers looking for a superior vaping experience.

    Here is a detailed analysis of each component of their name:

    • Aliens: This is a particular style of coil for electronic cigarettes. "Aliens" coils are made of metal wires wound in a specific way, often with three base wires and a wire wrapping around them. This creates a waved surface that increases the heating area, allowing a more efficient vaporization of the e-liquid thus producing a dense and flavor-rich vapor.
    • NI 90: The NI 90 alloy refers to a type of resistant wire mainly composed of nickel. It is recognized for its ability to heat up quickly and its durability, thus providing a long lifespan to the coils.
    • 0.20: This value indicates the coil's resistance, measured in ohms. A resistance of 0.20 ohms is typically considered sub-ohm, meaning it's less than 1 ohm. Sub-ohm coils are popular among vapers as they can operate at higher powers, producing more vapor and flavor.
    • Crazy Fab Coils: "Crazy Fab" could be the manufacturer's name or the brand of these coils, indicating their origin and quality. By associating this name with their products, they could highlight their careful finish, superior quality, and exceptional performance of their coils.

    In summary, the "Aliens NI 90 0.20 Crazy Fab Coils" are high-end coils designed to offer an optimal vaping experience, combining the quick heating of nickel, the efficiency of the Alien design, and the performance of sub-ohm coils.

    Data sheet

    Crazy Fab Coils
    Max power
    140 W
    Number of pieces
    2 pieces
    Resistance: 0.2 ohm

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