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    Icy Mint Concentrate 10ml
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    Optimize your vaping experience by preparing your own e-liquid with the Ice Mint concentrate. This DIY aroma offers you the opportunity to create your own custom e-liquid at home in peace.

    Simply choose a DIY e-liquid concentrate, like the Ice Mint aroma, to give your future e-liquid a refreshing icy mint flavor.

    This option is not only economical, but also fun. You have the freedom to personalize the flavor of your e-liquid according to your preferences, without compromise.

    The Ice Mint aroma allows you to concoct an e-liquid with a unique and personalized fragrance, characterized by a minty flavor that is both original and sweet. It is ideal to seduce demanding e-cigarette users.

    The DIY Ice Mint aroma from Eliquid France is available in 10ml format.

    The concentrated Ice Mint aroma from Eliquid France is an icy mint that will lower the temperature.

    Recommended dosage:
    10% in 50PG/50PG
    15% above 60% VG

    14 days10 to 15%FranceMint

    The Ice Mint concentrate from Eliquid France, rich in icy mint aromas, is essential for creating your own e-liquid at home. However, to achieve a complete composition, it is essential to add other ingredients such as the base and booster, available in our DIY section.

    Made in France, the Eliquid France aroma guarantees superior quality to meet the expectations of the most demanding vapers. You thus benefit from a safe and high-quality vaping experience.

    It is also recommended to equip yourself with the necessary equipment to properly dose the ingredients and mix them, as well as dedicated DIY e-liquid items to succeed in your preparations.

    The DIY Ice Mint aroma is available in 10ml bottles. For optimal use of this aroma, it is imperative to follow the usage instructions, particularly with regard to the maturation time of the liquid, essential for obtaining a perfectly developed aroma.

    Eliquid France suggests dosing the aromas at:

    • 10% for a 50/50 PG/VG base

    Please note that 1ml of Ice Mint aroma is equivalent to about 35 drops.

    The maturation time (or steeping) is crucial for your preparation to reach its full aromatic potential. Depending on the type of aromas:

    • Simple fruity flavors: 0 to 5 days
    • Complex fruity flavors (several flavors): 3 to 7 days
    • Mint, spice, anise, licorice, coffee, vanilla flavors: 1 to 2 weeks
    • Gourmet flavors: 2 to 3 weeks
    • Classic flavors: from 2 weeks

    It is important to remember that this Eliquid France aroma must be diluted in a base, whether it is nicotine or not, and should not be used pure.

    For optimal preservation of your aromas, we recommend that you keep them out of light, in a dry place and at room temperature. Even after the expiration date, the aroma can still be used if it has been stored in good conditions, although the flavor may be slightly altered.

    Data sheet

    Eliquid France
    10 ml
    Recommended step
    14 days
    Recommended dosage
    10 to 15%

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