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    Do you dream of becoming your own master in terms of e-liquid production for e-cigarettes? This is now possible thanks to the DIY (Do It Yourself) method and the use of DIY e-liquid aromas.

    Among the available options, the DIY Pastis aroma from Eliquid France will allow you to create your own e-liquid with the distinctive taste of this famous aniseed drink. Not only is this approach cost-effective, but it is also easy to achieve. You can thus customize your e-liquid precisely, for a taste that perfectly meets your expectations, without any compromise.

    By using this Pastis aroma, you will be able to design a unique flavour for your electronic cigarette, which will delight the most demanding vapers. Enjoy the delicious flavour of this aniseed drink, now within reach for your vaping sessions.

    The DIY Pastis aroma from Eliquid France is offered in 10 ml bottles, so you can easily start creating your own Pastis-flavoured e-liquid.

    The concentrated Pastis aroma from Eliquid France is a Pastis that can be consumed without moderation!

    Recommended dosage:
    10% in 50PG/50PG
    15% above 60% VG

    14 days10 to 15%FrancePastis

    The Pastis aroma from Eliquid France is a superior quality product, made in France, ideal for DIY eliquid enthusiasts looking for distinctive flavours. Inspired by the famous aniseed drink, this Pastis concentrate captures its essence in an intensely fragrant aroma.

    It is important to note that this concentrated aroma is not designed to be used alone. It must be mixed with other ingredients to create your own eliquid. You will find everything you need in our Do It Yourself section, including the necessary boosters and bases to complete your mix.

    The Pastis concentrate from Eliquid France is available in 10ml bottles. For optimal use, follow the guidelines regarding the maturation of the eliquid, a crucial step to achieve a balanced flavour. According to Eliquid France, the recommended dosage of the aroma is 10% for a 50/50 PG/VG base. Note that 1ml of Pastis aroma equals about 35 drops.

    The maturation time, also known as steeping, is essential for your preparation to reach its full aromatic potential. This time varies depending on the type of flavors:

    • Simple fruity flavours: 0 to 5 days
    • Complex fruity flavours: 3 to 7 days
    • Mint, spice, anise, liquorice, coffee, vanilla flavours: 1 to 2 weeks
    • Gourmet flavours: 2 to 3 weeks
    • Classic flavours: from 2 weeks

    Attention, this Eliquid France aroma must be diluted in a base, whether it is nicotine or not. Do not use it directly! For optimal preservation, keep your aromas away from light, in a dry and temperate place. Even after the DLUO, you can use this aroma if it has been well preserved, although the flavour may be slightly altered.

    Eliquid France is a French brand recognised in the vape world for its complex and award-winning products, like its Supreme Eliquid France e-liquid. It offers a wide range of eliquids and DIY concentrates, from nicotine mono-flavour juice for beginners looking to quit smoking, to original DIY concentrate flavours for vape veterans seeking a "homemade" experience.

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    Eliquid France
    10 ml
    Recommended step
    14 days
    Recommended dosage
    10 to 15%

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