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Arômes et liquides

Aromes et Liquides, also known as A&L, is a leading brand in the world of DIY flavors for electronic cigarettes. Whether you are an experienced vaper or wish to start making your own e-liquid, Aromes et Liquides offers a wide selection of concentrated flavors that will allow you to create unique and personalized blends, right at home!

The process of making your DIY e-liquid is simple and accessible to everyone. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps to get a delicious final result. By mixing A&L flavors with a PG VG base of your choice, you can experiment with an infinite combination of tastes and create custom e-liquids that perfectly match your preferences.

Let yourself be seduced by the wide range of flavors offered by Aromes et Liquides. Whether you are fond of fruity, gourmet, menthol, or classic flavors, you will certainly find your happiness among the available options. A&L flavors are renowned for their intensity and authenticity, offering an exceptional taste experience with every puff.

Another advantage of A&L flavors is their quick maturation. Thanks to their strength and concentration, they only require a short steep to fully release their potential and transform into perfectly balanced e-liquids. You won't have to wait weeks to savor your creations, making the DIY experience even more rewarding.

Whether you are a passionate vaping enthusiast or simply curious to discover the world of making your own e-liquids, Aromes et Liquides is here to guide you on this adventure. With quality flavors, detailed usage advice, and a wide choice of tastes, you can let your creativity run free and concoct unique e-liquids that will delight your taste buds.

So, let yourself be tempted by the DIY flavors of Aromes & Liquides and embark on an unprecedented taste journey. Discover the pleasure of creating your own e-liquids, in your own style, and enjoy a personalized and tasty vaping experience thanks to the A&L brand!

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But did you know that our online store also offers a complete selection of products for making your own e-liquid? This is what we call DIY (Do It Yourself), and this is where the brand Arômes et Liquides (A&L) stands out! A&L is a French manufacturer of DIY flavors and e-liquids that designs and creates its products in France, adhering to strict standards.

The story of Arômes et Liquides (A&L) dates back to 2012, a time when DIY vaping was still in its infancy. Arômes et Liquides has been able to develop its own range of DIY products and establish itself on the vape scene in France and internationally. DIY allows vapers to create their own e-liquid from quality concentrated flavors at an affordable price. The A&L DIY flavors offer exceptional tastes and are made in France, making them a must-have reference in the field. Just look up reviews on Arômes et Liquides to understand how much this brand is appreciated by vapers!

A&L products are high-quality concentrated flavors, to be mixed with a neutral PG VG base and possibly with a nicotine booster if you wish to obtain a nicotine e-juice. 

When using an affordable A&L flavor to make your e-liquid, it is essential to follow best practices. Make sure you have the appropriate DIY accessories, such as empty bottles, gloves, and protective glasses to avoid any nicotine splashes in the eyes. It is important to note that A&L DIY flavors should never be vaped alone, they must be diluted in a neutral PG VG base to obtain an e-liquid that you can safely vape with your favorite electronic cigarette. To determine the right flavor dosage for your PG VG base, you can use a specialized DIY calculator. This will save you from tedious calculations and ensure precise dosage, thus avoiding having an e-liquid that is too strong or has an altered taste due to a dosage error.

A&L flavor concentrates have specific dosage recommendations. Each A&L DIY flavor comes with advice on the amount of flavor to use relative to the amount of PG VG base. For example, the A&L Ragnarok concentrated flavor recommends a flavor dosage of 5% relative to the total DIY PG VG base. It is better to talk about DIY flavor dosage in percentage rather than counting the drops of flavor, as this simplifies calculations, especially when preparing large quantities of e-liquid.

As for the maturation time (steep), it is generally short for A&L flavors. Only a few days are needed for the flavors to fully develop and for you to enjoy your homemade e-liquid.

When you want to add nicotine to your PG VG base mixed with an A&L DIY flavor, the dosage depends on your nicotine dependence. To obtain a nicotine level similar to that of your usual e-liquids, such as 3 mg/ml or 12 mg/ml, you will need to calculate the amount of nicotine boosters to add based on the final amount of e-liquid you wish to obtain. You can use a DIY calculator to precisely determine the nicotine and flavor dosage based on the base you have chosen. At Vapovor, you will find individual nicotine boosters (20 mg) to meet your needs.

If you prefer to simplify the process of making your DIY e-liquid, you can opt for a ready-to-use nicotine base. Vapovor offers affordable nicotine base packs, including a PG VG base and the right dosage of nicotine boosters to achieve the desired rate. This greatly simplifies the preparation of your DIY e-liquid. 

A&L flavors offer a wide range of tastes that will satisfy all vapers. Whether you prefer fruity or gourmet e-liquids, you will find your happiness among their products. The famous Ragnarok A&L concentrated aroma is particularly appreciated, offering a delicious combination of red fruits with a touch of freshness in the mouth. Flavors can vary depending on the versions, such as the Ragnarok Ultimate A&L aroma with its fresh effect, the Ragnarok Ultimate Primal A&L aroma with additional exotic fruits, or the Ragnarok Legend A&L aroma with juicy pineapple as a bonus. A&L aromas are not limited to fruits, they also offer gourmet options such as the Ifrit A&L aroma which perfectly reproduces the taste of an apple donut, or the Valkyrie A&L aroma with its dominant intense and tart raspberry. Whether you are a fan of peach, lemon or sweet flavors like popcorn, caramel and crème brûlée, A&L also has aromas that will meet your preferences.

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