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    Optimized for use with the Aspire brand's Flexus Q pod, the AF resistances stand out for their compatibility and quality. Designed from mesh and organic cotton, they guarantee abundant vapor and intensified aroma.

    The AF resistance 0.6 Ω is ideal for a vape that prefers a wide air draw, offering a generous vapor production. When used with the Flexus Q, it delivers a power oscillating between 15 and 18 watts.

    As for the AF resistance 1.0 Ω, it is perfectly suited for a vape in indirect inhalation (MTL), recommended for the use of e-liquids containing nicotine salts or CBD. With the Flexus Q pod, it can reach a power range between 12 and 15 watts.

    • Resistances compatible with the Flexus Q
    • 0.6Ω Mesh (RDTL) - (15W to 18W)
    • 1.0Ω Mesh (MTL) - (12W to 15W)
    • Sold in packs of 5

    AF resistances from the brand Aspire offer optimal vapor and flavor performance, thanks to the incorporation of high-quality mesh and cotton. Several versions of the AF resistances are available to meet various needs:

    The AF resistance 0.6 Ω, ideal for an open-air draw vaping experience, ensures a notable vapor production. In combination with the Flexus Q, it emits a power of 15 to 18 watts.

    The AF resistance 1.0 Ω is designed for indirect inhalation (MTL) vaping and is also recommended for vaping e-liquids based on nicotine salts or CBD. It can reach a power of 12 to 15 watts when used with the Flexus Q pod.

    To replace the resistance of the Aspire Flexus Q, you need to:

    1. Remove the magnetic cartridge
    2. Insert a new resistance
    3. Replace the cartridge in the Flexus Q pod

    Data sheet

    0.6 ohm
    1.0 ohm
    Resistance: 0.6 ohm

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