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AspireKit Tigon

The kit Tigon d'Aspire is a cigarette e-versatile, designed for both the vapor beginner and experienced. This e-cigarette is a powerful, customizable, and easy to carry. Aspire is one of the brands of vapoteuses the most popular of the moment. This success is based in part on products that are hardworking and innovative.

The kit Tigon has a powerful rechargeable battery of 1800 mAh battery and a clearomizer 2 ml. This electronic cigarette offers a considerable degree of autonomy and use without embarrassment. It is actually guaranteed leak-free. This is thanks to an innovative design where the reservoir is, with attached self-sealing, which the mouth orifice. The user can then load the tank of the vapoteuse without the risk of pouring liquid.

TheAspire Tigon owes its versatility to two drip tips that provide two modes of airflow. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of this electronic cigarette in the inhalation, direct or indirect.


  • Capacity 2 ML
  • Height 123 mm
  • Diameter 23 mm
  • Battery Integrated
  • Autonomy 1800 mAh
  • Type of vape Inhalation indirect / Direct Inhalation
  • Filling From the top
  • Air Flow Adjustable
  • Refill Type USB
  • connection Five hundred ten
  • Format Tube
  • Level Intermediate
  • Drip-Tip 510
  • Origin China
  • Manufacturer

More informations

In the world of vaping, Aspire is a name well-known. The mark had already done about it by launching the Nautilus 2S. With this electronic cigarette, she has proven that she was able to create vapoteuses versatile quality. Aspire is thus a relapse with his kit Tigon – an all-in-one consisting of a battery and a clearomizer.

It is important to know that the kit Tigon can do it all. The pack may convince the sceptics to try the electronic cigarette. It also allows beginners to succeed in their transition to permanently quit smoking. For the seasoned, this kit d'Aspire is an opportunity to experience the other pleasures of vaping. This is not a coincidence if it is said that the Tigon is a kit versatile. It is actually possible to take advantage of this e-cigarette inhalation is direct or indirect. The user is able to switch from one mode to another without having to perform a complex manipulation. It is also the strength of this vapoteuse, the side is simple and convenient.

By focusing on the kit Tigon d'Aspire, it is necessary to expect surprises.

The e-cigarette 2-in-1 pocket-sized format

Most often, an electronic cigarette, which offers a number of features is large and somewhat bulky. This is not the case of the Tigon. The vapoteuse is in the form of a metal tube rather thin. It has a diameter of 23 mm for a length of 123 mm. This e-cigarette ofAspire is therefore quite discreet. It fits without problem in the pocket and fits comfortably in the hand.

Aspire has also needed to care for the design of its electronic cigarette. This last is styled to be sleek and stylish.

Two styles of airflow to two ways of vaper

The clearomizer of the Tigon offers two styles of airflow. Each type of entry allows you to adjust the strength of the draw depending on needs and preferences. The adjustment to move from one airflow to another is quite simple. The clearomizer features a rotary dial at its base. Simply turn this element :
• A wide opening for huge puffs of steam
• Small holes to puffs of steam reduced as with a traditional cigarette

Two resistors and DL MTL

The Tigon works with two resistors separate. It is important to know that each one is adapted to a style of airflow of the electronic cigarette. Of course, the heating of the liquid changes according to the resistor mounted on the device. Thus, the kit Tigon includes :
• A resistance of 0.4 ohm , which is built into the clearomizer. An output of 23 to 28 W is necessary to operate the component. Furthermore, this resistance can have delicious clouds of vapor for direct inhalation (DL).
• A resistance of 1.2 ohm requesting a power of 10 to 12 W. This piece is tailored for a vape lighter in weight, and intense flavors – with flashes reduced by inhalation of an indirect (MTL). The sensation provided is very close to a traditional cigarette. On the other hand, this resistance is recommended for liquids with a high concentration of nicotine.

Vape in direct inhalation

In this mode, you get clouds and enjoy puffs which is loaded with steam. To enable it, just open up the airflow in a big way. It is opted then on resistance of 0.4 ohm. The drip tip flared is also recommended. The thickness of its edges and the magnitude of its format are tailored for large puffs.

Vape inhalation indirect

This mode corresponds to the sensations intense, realistic, and rich in flavors. To use this style of vape, we opted for an air flow to small holes that are combined with the resistance of 1.2 ohm. Then, we use the drip tip in the shape of a pawn. The length and the thinness of this tip allow you to obtain a vapor rich in flavor that will go in the lungs.

Tank 2 ml, with a guarantee antifuite

Remplissage du clearomiseur Tigon d'aspire

The clearomizer of the Tigon has a tank reliable enough on the safe plan. It is security against seepage of liquid either during the use of the electronic cigarette, or during the charging. The tank of the Tigon ofAspire is as easy to fill out, thanks to an improvement of the system push-to-fill.

The filling of the tank with 2 ml of the Tigon takes only about a minute. To perform the operation, it unlocks the opening by gently lifting the top of the piece. The filling hole is revealed by pushing flat to the upper part of the tank.Note that the hole has a longuette antifuite as protection.

Replacing the resistance with the tank filled

Changement de la résistance du Tigon d'Aspire

The kit Tigon d'Aspires to take advantage of the many innovations that facilitate its use. The passage from one resistance to another is a fairly simple operation. It requires not even a drain tank. A design which is both practical and clean.

To replace the resistance of the clearomizer, one starts by decoupling the piece of the battery. Note, this is done by unscrewing. Then remove the base in order to identify the resistance of the tank. You don't have to be afraid of a flow of the liquid through the use of springs as a system of blocking.

Note : after you have changed the resistance, you leave the component for a swim in the liquid for ten minutes before use.

A formidable battery of 1800 mAh

The battery is an essential component of an electronic cigarette. It is important to know that the pleasure of vaping also depends on the durability of the device during use. The Tigon boards and a rechargeable battery of 1800 mAh which localizes in the lower part of the vapoteuse. On the other hand, this e-cigarette ofAspire offers a refill ultra-fast – thanks to the technology Quick Charge 2A. It takes about an hour to fill the battery and enjoy considerable autonomy. Even with long sessions of vape, the Tigon can remain operational for a whole day.

Note : fast charging requires a compatible charger with a current of a high output and a minimum power of 2 A.

A kit is convenient and reliable

The kit Tigon ofAspire has been designed as well for the vapor-experienced beginners. The clearomizer offers a grip easier, the user is not likely to make a bad manipulation.

In addition, Aspire has equipped its device with a battery with a Bypass mode. A design that allows the vaper without too much questions asked. The operation of this power supply does not require any particular tuning. The user can only turn on and off it.

Electronic cigarettes can be prone to electrical problems – including a short-circuit, a power supply failure, overload or overheating. The Tigon has a system of safety performance to cope with these contingencies. In case of detection of a fault, the vapoteuse cease operation immediately. This to protect the components as well as the user. Moreover, the clearomizer will remain off to the extent where the device takes more than 10 seconds to start up.

A LED indicator light to indicate the charge level

The operation of this LED is based on a color system. Pink indicates that the battery is full. The blue means that it remains two-thirds of the load. The red provides information on the need to charge the electronic cigarette.

The contents of the kit Tigon Aspire

1x Kit Tigon
1x Drip tip 510 long
1x Resistor 0.4 ohm Ni80 (pre-installed)
1x Resistor 1.2 ohm Ni80
1x replacement Tank
1x Kit of spare seals
1x accessory Kit
1x Warranty Card
1x user Manual

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