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Vapovor Cotton Fiber Not Cotton


Created by Mahood Gufu, formerly the creator of Fiber Freaks (closed in 2017), Fiber not Cotton provides you with the wick the more innovative the vape ! A subtle blend of cotton purified and cellulose fibers for food quality, chosen for their unique properties.


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A wick innovative, suitable for all types of use

The wicking Fiber not Cotton has been designed in a precise aim : to create a product suited to different styles and materials of vape without altering the specificities of each of them. The perfect marriage between the fiber selection, the design of the product and the chemical and mechanical engineering... This cotton is a subtle blend of cotton purified and cellulose fibers, carefully selected for their unique properties.

The cotton is harvested by hand to preserve all the quality of the fibers. The purification process is perfectly balanced to ensure an excellent rendering of flavours and a good capillary action.

Its cellulose fibers are the most pure. Specially designed for certain sectors of the food and drug industry, they combine excellent capillary action, a lack of taste parasite, and the healthy use at any temperature.

Finally, the mechanical treatment has been adjusted to provide a density ideal, and a balance between cohesion and alignment of fibers.

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