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Crazy Fab Coils

Fabien Barbeau has made a name for himself in the vaping world as an artisan builder, specifically dedicated to the manufacture of coils for rebuildable atomizers.

Demonstrating rigorous craftsmanship and a dedication to quality, each coil is meticulously handmade. Fabien exclusively uses top-quality wires in his creations. This use of superior materials is reflected in the high performance of these coils, offering exceptional reactivity that surpasses many standard products on the market.

In addition, these coils offer impressive longevity. With proper maintenance, they continue to deliver optimal performance over a long period. This makes Fabien Barbeau's coils a wise investment for those seeking to enhance their vaping experience.

Another major asset of the coils made by Fabien is their ease of installation. These resistances are ready to be installed in a variety of atomizers, including RTA atomizers (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) and RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). Whether you prefer a single coil or dual coil configuration, the coils of Fabien Barbeau are designed to meet your needs.

In short, for vapers looking to optimize their experience with high-quality components, the handmade coils by Fabien Barbeau represent an unbeatable choice.

Crazy Fab Coils presents itself as a true showcase of innovation and expertise in the vaping universe, under the direction of a remarkably talented French creator. They specialize in the manufacture of artisan coils, using only first choice Nichrome wires in Ni90 and Ni80. This rigorous selection of materials allows them to guarantee unparalleled quality and provide a flawless and memorable vaping experience.

Whether you are a fan of MTL vaping (Mouth-To-Lung), RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) or DL (Direct Lung), Crazy Fab Coils is committed to meeting your specific needs. Their mission is to ensure that your coils precisely match your vaping desires and preferences.

Each precoil is designed by them with versatility in mind, allowing for easy installation on a wide range of atomizers or drippers. Whether you use an electronic box or a mechanical mod, their precoils are compatible and ready to provide you with an unparalleled vaping experience.

However, it is essential to underline that the use of these consumables, although it offers a rewarding experience, requires a solid understanding of some technical aspects. The law of Ohm, a fundamental physical formula for understanding the operation of coils, and the safe handling of batteries, especially in mechanical mod, are indispensable knowledge for optimal and safe use.

Crazy Fab Coils is not only dedicated to providing superior quality products, but also to promoting safe and well-informed use. They therefore encourage their customers to familiarize themselves with this essential knowledge before using their coils.

In summary, Crazy Fab Coils represents the perfect fusion of quality, expertise, and innovation, offering handmade coils designed to enhance your vaping experience. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, they are convinced that every puff with Crazy Fab Coils will be an experience to savor.