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Accumulator (Accu):

An accumulator is a rechargeable battery that powers your mods.

For proper use, the accumulator must be carefully selected:

* its size (ex: 18650 / 26650)

* its capacity in mAh (ex: 2500mAh / 1500mAh)

* its voltage in volts

* its discharge voltage

* its chemical composition, indicated by a series of letters.


Acrolein is a toxic chemical substance, irritating skin and mucous membranes. It can be released by heating the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) included in e-liquids at a temperature above 290°C.


An adapter is generally an accessory that allows you to assemble or connect two parts or two devices that were not designed to be assembled. But there is also the USB adapter which allows you to supply electric current to a device (batteries, box) in order to recharge it.


This is an independent association of electronic cigarette users, representing and defending consumers of personal vaporizers (VP), more commonly known as electronic cigarettes.



Additives are an essential element in your Do It Yourself recipes. Indeed, they will optimize and adapt the e-liquid according to your preferences.

There are many of them and they are a plus, as they can literally change the taste of your preparation.


The Air-flow is a system for adjusting the air flow of an atomizer. It allows, thanks to its specially designed slots (perforated circular ring), to control the volume of air circulating in the electronic cigarette.

We talk about "airy draw" (open slots) and a "tight draw" (slightly open or closed slots).

All day:

"All day" means in French "all day". We generally use this term for an e-liquid that can be consumed regularly throughout the day. On the other hand, some particular e-liquids are usually consumed occasionally.

Priming a clearomizer:

Before using a new clearomizer or when replacing your resistance, it is important to prime the clearomizer. This means soaking its cotton with a few drops of e-liquid to prevent the resistance from heating without e-liquid and producing a burnt taste.


The flavor is a component that allows a perception of taste and smell. Here, these are the components of our e-liquids. They can be natural or obtained by heat treatment, it is about synthesizing the molecule and reproducing it.


The term atomizer combines other vaporization systems such as the clearomizer, the dripper, the cartonizer and other rebuildable atomizers. They are equipped with a wick or wadding and have the function of storing the liquid and transmitting it to the resistance.

Rebuildable atomizer:

A rebuildable atomizer allows DIY enthusiasts to make their own resistances.

It can be without a tank "dripper" or with "tank".

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The battery is the fundamental element of an electronic cigarette.

It is the device that powers the resistance of your atomizer with electrical energy to heat it and vaporize the e-liquid.

Different batteries are offered but it is important to choose your battery according to your needs.

Bottom feeding (BF):

The BF aims to correct the main disadvantage of DRY vaping, that is to say to systematically moisten the wick.

Generally, BF mods are equipped with a system that allows, by simply pressing on a tank, to send a few drops of e-liquid on the wick.

This avoids the disassembly of the atomizer.

Portable Recharging Case (PRC):

Also called Personal Charger Case (PCC) in English, the PRC is an independent case that allows you to recharge the battery or batteries of an electronic cigarette during mobile use.

Bottom coil:

A Bottom Coil atomizer is an atomizer that offers a resistance located at the base, that is to say below the tank. Easier to assemble than the Top Coil, it is more efficient and produces a warmer vapor.


The wad is a cotton or metal element of a cartomizer that allows the e-liquid to be stored for vaporization.

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Capacity defines the autonomy of the battery or the accumulator. It is expressed in units of electric charge Ampere hour (Ah).

Ex: A 1500 mAh accumulator will deliver a current of 1500 Ma for 1 hour.

Overall, capacity is the operating duration of the battery or accumulator.


The cartomizer is an inseparable device combining an atomizer and a tank. Non-removable, the cartomizer cannot be repaired, once worn, it is thrown away.


The cartridge is the element that holds the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette. We can also call it a tank.

Maximum Discharge Current (CDM):

The CDM is an important element that specifies the limit of use of an accumulator, without danger and without damaging it. It is usually expressed in Ampere (A) but can be expressed based on capacity (C).

Ex: For an accumulator with a capacity of 2000 mAh, its maximum discharge current is 10 A equivalent to 5 C.

Chain vape:

Chain vaping is the act of drawing on the electronic cigarette without interruption. A quality atomizer is necessary for this practice. This method can limit the lifespan of your atomizer.

Clapton coil:

The Clapton coil is a cable composed of one or two thick resistive wires, wrapped in a thinner wire.

It is used to create resistance, which will make your flavors taste better than a standard resistance.


The clearomizer is a device combining an atomizer and a transparent tank that allows you to see the level of e-liquid.

Cloud chasing:

"Cloud chaser" is a vaping discipline from the United States. Often practiced in competitions, cloud chasing is the act of producing the most beautiful and biggest cloud of vapor in a single puff drawn from their electronic cigarette. A good understanding of your equipment is necessary for this practice.


English word to designate the resistance in clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers and cartomizers.

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Diacetyl is a creamy chemical component that can be found in custard flavors. Be careful, this component is known to be potentially carcinogenic.


The DLC is a best before date for perishable products.


The BBE is a best before date. The product is neither expired nor harmful to health, only it may lose its flavors.

The BBE is the date written on our e-liquid bottles! Not to be confused with the DLC.

Do It Yourself (DIY):

In the vaping world, Do It Yourself (DIY), is the simple act of making your own e-liquids.

Drip Tip:

The drip tip is the tip located on the top part of the atomizer, which you put in your mouth to vape our electronic cigarette.

There are different sizes, different materials, so you can customize your e-cig according to your preferences.


The dripper is a rebuildable atomizer without a tank. Smaller in size, it includes connectors to mount its resistance.

To supply a dripper with e-liquid, simply soak the resistance with only a few drops. The dripper is generally used to taste a liquid and its flavor restitution is better.

Dry Burn:

Dry burn is a technique used when cleaning a resistance. This technique consists of burning the e-liquid residues by heating the resistance empty.

Dry hit:

The dry hit occurs when the atomizer is no longer supplied with e-liquid. Which gives a burnt taste in the mouth.

Dual Coil:

Dual Coil, double resistance in French, is a term used for atomizers that work with 2 resistances connected in parallel.

This system allows for a denser vapor and better performance. Generally, the use of 2 resistances extends the life of each one.

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European Free Vaping Initiative: a European citizen initiative for vaping to remain free in Europe.

E-liquid: E-liquid (or e-juice) is a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or propylene glycol (PG), flavoring and nicotine, depending on the user. It is poured into the tank of your e-cig and turns into vapor when vaping. Fivape: Interprofessional federation committed to defending the interests of electronic cigarettes. Forvape: Training center for the professions of electronic cigarette and vapology. Full Méca: This term designates a mechanical mod: this mod has no electronic part, so without variable voltage or wattage. Genesis: Genesis is a rebuildable atomizer model, where the fiber wick is replaced by a metallic mesh. It's a robust assembly but remains difficult to carry out. Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is one of the main elements in the composition of e-liquids along with PG (propylene glycol). It vaporizes at a low temperature of 60°C. VG aims to perfectly reproduce cigarette smoke. High end: High end is used for rare pieces produced in unlimited quantity. Hit: Hit is the sensation that the vaper can feel in the throat when the smoke passes. The more nicotine, the more heat there is and the stronger and more similar to that of a real cigarette the hit will be. Direct / Indirect Inhalation: Direct and indirect inhalation are two different ways to vape your electronic cigarette. Direct inhalation involves immediate passage of vapor from the mouth to the lungs unlike indirect inhalation which remains in the mouth and then passes into the lungs. Khantal: Resistive wire used in the manufacture of resistors present in rebuildable atomizers. Different diameters are available from 0.16 mm to 0.80 mm. Kick: Kick is an electronic cylinder that allows you to adjust the power of your mechanical mod. It is placed on top of the battery to increase the constant charging power. Kit e-cigarette: An e-cigarette kit is a ready-to-use starter kit. It has a battery, a clearomizer and generally a resistance. The USB cable is also provided in the kit. Low resistance (LR): Low resistance means low resistance in French. A low resistance atomizer provides better e-cig performance. Generally, low resistance e-cigarettes have a longer lifespan. Mah (Milliampere-hour): MAh is a unit of electric charge. It indicates the capacity, the autonomy of an electronic cigarette. Wick: The wick is an element that makes up the atomizer. It thus connects the e-liquid to the resistance to vaporize it. Mesh: Mesh is a stainless steel sieve, often represented in the form of sheets of different formats. It is used for Genesis assembly because Mesh is known for its resistance and capillarity. Micro coil: The micro coil is the assembly of an atomizer with a cotton wick wrapped with the resistive wire. Mod: A mod is a modified and modifiable electronic cigarette. It is therefore possible to make the ideal mod according to your aesthetic tastes or according to your vaping preferences. There are two types of mod: The mechanical mod is a mod that has no electronic part. It is simple to use, robust, produces denser vapor and ensures a significant lifespan. However, it has no protection circuit. The electronic mod is a mod that allows for varied vaping and adapted to your desires. It can be adjusted on different aspects such as tension and power and it has a protection circuit. Nicotine: Nicotine is a substance derived mainly from the tobacco plant. It is used in the composition of our e-liquid with a variable rate from 0 mg to 20 mg. Nicotine enhances the hit and flavors of e-liquid. This molecule is partly responsible for tobacco addiction. · P 510/Ego Thread: The thread is the element that will allow you to fix the clearomizer to the battery of your vape. There are two different thread models in electronic cigarettes: The Ego thread located on the outside of the e-cig and the 510 thread located on the inside. It is the most common on the electronic cigarette market. Hot Spot: The hot spot is a problem that can occur in rebuildable. It occurs when the resistance heats up abnormally. It then causes an unpleasant taste in the mouth. It can be caused when the coil is not in contact with the wick and the e-liquid, which will cause the resistance to overheat. The resistive wire will then turn red. Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is one of the main elements in the composition of e-liquids along with VG (Vegetable Glycerin). It vaporizes at a low temperature of 60°C. PG is a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic product, often used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is sometimes replaced by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG or PPG). R Resistance: Resistance is a heating element of an atomizer or clearomizer, which will allow current to flow once the battery is triggered. The resistance will thus heat the e-liquid and allow its transformation into flavorful vapor. S Set Up: The set up is simply a combination of a mod and an atomizer. Steep: Steeping involves allowing the necessary maturation time for the preparation of your e-liquid. Sub-Ohm: Sub-ohm clearomizers are very low resistance clearomizers. Generally less than 1 ohm and used between 20 W and 30 W. They thus produce a lot of vapor and generate a strong hit. Sweet spot: The sweet spot represents the right temperature for the e-liquid to achieve its optimal taste and sensation during vaping. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right temperature and balance between each element of the e-cig to achieve the sweet spot. Switch: The switch is the battery activation button that allows the vaping system to start. There are manual and automatic switches. Several short and successive presses also allow to turn off or on the electronic cigarette depending on the model. SYNAPCE: National Union of Electronic Cigarette Professionals. https://www.synapce.org/ T Tank: A tank is the English term for the reservoir. It holds the e-liquid necessary for vaping. Wick: The wick is a metal wire located inside the atomizer. It allows the connection between the e-liquid and the atomizer. Cigarette: The traditional cigarette is called a killer in the world of vaping. Top Cap: The top part of a clearomizer, atomizer or dripper. The top cap supports the drip tip. · U ULR / UBR: Ultra Low Resistance / Ultra Low resistance is a system that consists of vaping with a resistance lower than 1 ohm. It allows maximum vapor production. Upgrade: Upgrading is simply the act of updating the program of an electric mod. It thus allows you to modify and improve your device by visiting the manufacturer's website. V Vape Fuse: In case of short circuit in mechanical mods, the vape fuse is the fuse that protects the batteries. Vaporizer: A vaporizer is an atomizer. Vape / Vaping: Vaping is simply the act of inhaling the vapor from the electronic cigarette. Variable Voltage (VV): VV means that it is possible to adjust the output voltage (Volts) of an e-cigarette. Variable Wattage (VW): VW means that it is possible to adjust the power (Watts) of the vape.