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  • PURE Vanilla flavor

    The concentrated vanilla aroma of PURE by Halo has the sweet flavor of a real French vanilla .

    1,50 €
    • Vanilla
  • Out of stock

    PURE Watermelon flavor

    The concentrated Watermelon aroma of PURE by Halo has the flavor of a fresh watermelon which will...

    1,50 €
    • Watermelon
  • PURE Raspberry flavor

    The concentrated Raspberry aroma of PURE by Halo will give you the impression of vaping real...

    1,50 €
    • Raspberry
  • PURE Blueberry flavor

    The concentrated Blueberry aroma of PURE by Halo is a mixture of fresh blueberries that will make...

    1,50 €
    • Blueberry
  • PURE Mango flavor

    The concentrated Mango aroma of PURE by Halo has the undoubtedly sweet flavor and aroma of mango .

    1,50 €
    • Mango
  • PURE Strawberry flavor

    The concentrated aroma Strawberry from PURE by Halo has a rich, sweet and juicy strawberry taste....

    1,50 €
    • Strawberry