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    DotAIO X Pro by Dotmod
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    Discover the DotAIO X Pro, a revolutionary all-in-one electronic cigarette model, designed by Dotmod. This modular e-cigarette adapts perfectly to your needs thanks to its ability to incorporate various modules and accessories, allowing complete customization of your vaping experience. The DotAIO X Pro is equipped with four innovative magnetic modules, compatible with the dotAIO cartridge, dotCoils, and even a Boro Tank for those who prefer rebuildable systems. The device offers exceptional modularity, with components such as a module for the 18650 battery, a module for the dotAIO V3 cartridge, and a module incorporating an advanced chipset with a screen and interactive controls. A removable panel ensures the protection of the chipset. For customization enthusiasts, this Pro version is compatible with Boro atomizers, allowing the use of RBA decks. The DotAIO X Pro caters to both beginners and vaping veterans, offering a maximum power of 60 watts and a variety of modes to optimize your vapor, including an AUTO mode for coil protection, adjustable modes in volts or watts, as well as Bypass and Boost options. This pod mod also stands out for its unique and elegant design, characteristic of Dotmod. For those seeking an e-cigarette that combines innovation, flexibility, and style, the DotAIO X Pro from Dotmod is the ideal choice.

    Please note that batteries are not included with this device.

    Comes with :

    • 1 x DotAIO X Pro
    • 1 x Boro Tank Module
    • 1 x V3 DotAIO Cartridge
    • 1 x 0.3 ohm DotCoil Resistance
    • 1 x 0.7 ohm DotCoil Resistance
    • 1 x 510 Key
    • 1 x O-ring
    • 1 x USB Type-C Cable.
    60 WBattery18650

    Introduction to DotAIO X Pro by Dotmod.

    Dotmod innovates again with the release of its latest electronic cigarette, the DotAIO X Pro. Designed for vape enthusiasts wanting an all-in-one experience, this e-cigarette offers a maximum power of 60 watts and operates with an 18650 battery (not included). The DotAIO X Pro stands out for its modular design, offering great flexibility to easily switch from a standard clearomizer to a rebuildable atomizer thanks to its interchangeable modules.

    Who can benefit from the DotAIO X Pro.

    The DotAIO X Pro is aimed at vapers looking for a compact, versatile, and high-performance electronic cigarette. This device is perfectly suited for those who appreciate indirect inhalation vaping as well as enthusiasts of rebuildable systems with the option of the Boro Tank. Its unique and fully dismountable design makes this mod pod a preferred choice for connoisseurs.

    Technical features and modules.

    The DotAIO X Pro consists of several magnetically united modules, offering great ease of customization and maintenance. A panel decorated with the Dotmod logo covers the screen, protecting the chipset while adding an aesthetic touch. Whether you use the Boro Tank or not, the DotAIO X Pro modules are easy to assemble and disassemble, maintaining a compact and elegant design.

    Vaping modes and functions.

    This device allows vaping with varying power in watts (from 5 to 60 watts) or volts (from 1 to 10 volts). The DotAIO X Pro offers several modes, including an adjustable Boost mode, the Bypass mode, and a Curve mode for advanced power customization. The Auto mode is specially designed to protect the coil, thus offering a safe and adapted vaping experience.

    Boro Tank Module.

    The Boro module is a specific adapter for those who want to switch to a rebuildable system. Easy to install and remove thanks to the powerful magnets of the DotAIO X Pro, it transforms your experience by allowing for even more customization.

    Innovations and convenience.

    The atomizer module is compatible with the dotAIO V3 cartridge, which can hold up to 3 ml of e-liquid. This cartridge is equipped with an adjustable airflow control system and allows for easy refilling thanks to a rear access protected by a magnetic panel.

    Maintenance and coil replacement.

    Coil replacement is simplified: remove the cartridge, prepare the new coil by soaking it in e-liquid, insert it into the tank, adjust the air ring under the battery, and put the cartridge back in place. The DotCoil resistors, made of SS316 mesh, offer excellent flavor restitution and optimal vapor production.


    With its modular design, multiple operating modes, and elegant design, the DotAIO X Pro from Dotmod represents the evolution of modern vaping. It offers both the power, flexibility, and style that demanding vapers are looking for.

    Data sheet

    82mm x 23mm x 56mm
    3 ml
    Air Flow
    Max power
    60 W
    Power range
    5 to 60W
    Battery type
    Rechargeable via USB
    Battery size
    Number of batteries used

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