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Drip tips

The drip tip is the little extra to personalize your electronic cigarette. For the uninitiated, the drip tip is the mouthpiece attached to the atomizer of your e-cigarette. It allows you to customize your vape, by choosing it long and narrow/flat, your vape will be cool and tight (flavour oriented) while if you take it short and wide, your vape will be hot and airy (cloud chasing oriented). For indirect inhalation type draw, favour the first one.

Drip tip 510, teflon, anti-splash...

There are drip tips for standard connections like, for example, the 510. You will find them in all colors and in different materials like teflon, resin, wood... If you vape at high power, to protect you from any burn, prefer it in teflon or delrin. Want colors, better user comfort or an effective method to differentiate your e-liquid tanks? Find all our drip tips below.