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The choice of e-liquid is crucial to fully enjoy your experience of vaping. The selection of the different flavors to the distribution in VG/PG by passing through the levels of nicotine your e-liquid should meet your needs. The number of marks of a liquid for electronic cigarette is still growing and the quality not always at the rendezvous, in Vapovor we choose for you the brands that have proven their worth.

Liquid for electronic cigarette

You will find in our liquids for e-cigarette-the latest news as the e-liquid to the salts of nicotine, but also the e-liquid brands Liquideo, Roykin, Savourea, Halo... And of course, we do not skip on the essentials Heisenberg by Vampire Vape and Red Astaire from T-Juice ! In France, the bottles containers 10ml of liquid for electronic cigarette may contain up to 20mg/ml of nicotine, the larger bottles will always be without nicotine.


A wide choice of e-liquids are not expensive at Vapovor

We put at your disposal a multiple choice of flavour, to suit all your desires. You will surely find what corresponds to you among a wide range of fragrance that is as unique as the original. Notes common mint or classic, with perfumes more daring such as tropical fruit and vanilla, vaping with pleasure is so easy. In addition to the choice of flavour, you also have the free hand on the amount of nicotine that you want. You can choose nicotine-free, with a rate of light of 3 to 11 mg/ml, or strong and poignant with 12 or 20 mg/ml. You also have the choice of the rate of Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) in opting for a more PG for the hit and the taste and most of VG for the vapor.

And as we know you like choices, we offer a wide selection in brands. That your choice of e-liquids made in France, those from the united States, or even e-liquids british... be sure to find everything in us. Each brand is up to international standards and we choose personally all the best. On our site, you can choose with confidence. Our products are equally suited to all, for the beginners of vaping, we have eliquides simple functioning on any device, and for the connoisseur, we offer e-liquids rare premium quality.

In addition to personally choose any e-liquid sold on our site, we also pay special attention to their ingredients, provenance and of course their flavor. All the e-liquids you will find are certified by our primary care quality, and tested by connoisseurs. Superior quality for all the grants with prices that beat all competition.

We also offer the DIY which enables you to make yourself your own e-liquid. The basic, additive or flavour, you become your own manufacturer. We accompany you at all stages of the creation and offer you a guide to make your liquid for e-cigarette. Flavors of menthol-classic, to the original recipes of candy-apple, reveal the artist in you, becomes very simple.

Level brand, we are particularly proud to display the great names of French and international. We offer, as well of the great French brands, already known internationally, such as Eliquid France, The French Liquid, Liquideo, Halo... We also have brand very famous amongst connoisseurs as AJ Vape or Hyprtonic.

Why buy your e liquid cheap on Vapovor ?

Vapovor is that the vapor have access to an e liquid in compliance with the standards, of good quality and suited to their financial means. It is in this perspective that we put at your disposal the e liquid of all kinds, at prices that beat the competition. They are designed according to the standards in force in France. And to further enhance your purchasing power, the delivery is free from€ 29 to order. Thus, you get e liquids cheap and without shipping costs !

What e-liquids you'll find on our site ?

On Vapovor, you'll be spoilt for choice in terms of e liquid. You can find e liquid for all types of hardware such as electronic cigarettes standard but also the pods. You can choose the flavor you like according to your tastes, we will also tell you the best e liquid at the best price according to your profile in the right proportions for the rate of propylene glycol or the rate of vegetable glycerin and we'll also introduce you to the electronic cigarettes that fit your profile.

Everything that there is to know about the e-liquid

Before you launch blindly into the choice of a liquid for electronic cigarette, you need to know some basics.

What is e-liquid ?

The e-liquid is the fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette. It consists of several elements : the base, constituting approximately 90% of the e liquid, The nicotine amounts to up to 2% of the e liquid, allowing doses of 0 and 20 mg/ml, of ethyl alcohol, between 0 and 5%, demineralized water, for a more fluid, present in the same percentage as the ethyl alcohol and, finally, the additives and aromas giving this taste so unique to the electronic cigarette, found at the rate of 3% to 15%. These aromas can be natural, synthetic or both at the same time.

Of what is composed the base ?

The base is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It fulfils two functions. First of all, it is added to dilute the mixture of nicotine and flavours in the desired amount, and second, it provides the constituent that produces the vapour. The vapour is inhaled and transports both the flavors and the nicotine present in the liquid.

What is Propylene Glycol (PG) ?

The propylene glycol helps to produce what we call the " hit " associated with nicotine and flavourings. It is this thinner, which helps to create the sensation of smoking. The PG is also used for otherwise provided by the flavour of the e liquid. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes is also used to get an e liquid more fluid.

What is the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ?

The vegetable glycerin makes the vapor of the electronic cigarette that is thicker and the taste more rounded. She is responsible for the viscosity of e liquid.

What is the rate of PG/VG, ideal for a vapoteur beginner ?

The e liquid designed for beginners often contain more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin. The rate of PG/VG for a smoker newbie goes from 50/50 to 80/20. A rate of glycerin plant of more than 50% is not recommended for beginners because all of the electronic cigarettes won't support it. This can lead to leaks that are repetitive, as well as a flavour acre and uncomfortable in the mouth called " dry-hit ". The electronic cigarette beginner or a electronic cigarette in simple is made for inhalation indirectly.

What is the role of nicotine in the e liquid ?

It is a main component and essential in the e liquid. The nicotine can satisfy the void left by the cessation of smoking and provides the feeling of contraction in the throat that you feel when you smoke a simple cigarette. The rate of nicotine in the electronic cigarette determines its power. This rate of nicotine is measured in mg/ml. If you are in withdrawal and that you are mistaken in the dose of nicotine, you might feel a lack of nicotine, if it is too minimal. In the opposite case, the presence of a too large amount of nicotine can cause headaches or nausea in the electronic cigarette smoker.

How to choose your nicotine levels ?

Fyi : less than 6 mg is equivalent to a level of nicotine at low concentration, from 6 to 11 mg is equivalent to a level of nicotine at medium concentration, and 12 to 20 mg to a level of nicotine that is strong. When you choose, consider your habits of smoking and your nicotine. Because each has its level of sensitivity and dependence, it is recommended to try different nicotine levels when you start a electronic cigarette.

What is the salt of nicotine ?

Some eliquides now use salt of nicotine, it is the same form of nicotine present in the cigarette. They offer a very similar experience to what one may feel with a conventional cigarette. With this type of nicotine, the sensation of lack will disappear more quickly. These are liquids, ideally to be used with resistances above 1 ohm and inhalation indirectly.

What are the flavors ?

The neutral base and the nicotine has no taste discernible, to produce the taste in e-liquid, it is necessary to add to the aroma. An infinite number of flavors can be used. Some people prefer a eliquide the same taste as usual cigarette when others prefer tastes that are fruity, gourmet, menthol...

The flavor Classic

As its name suggests, e liquid flavor Classic reminds us of the taste of conventional cigarette smoking. It gives the electronic cigarette the same flavor as that of the cigarette. You have the choice between a liquid classic blond or brown. The e liquid classic or e liquid tobacco can also be combined with other flavors to enhance the taste. However, since the electronic cigarette is no combustion, the e liquid classic doesn't exactly taste the same as tobacco, but is similar to it just a lot. It is preferred by the beginners of electronic cigarette.

The flavor bitch

This flavor is the most recommended for smoking full smoking cessation. It is made of several tastes which can be enjoyed all day long, being careful not to fall into the weariness. The best is to alternate the different gourmet flavors such as flavors candy, dessert, vanilla, soda, coffee...

The flavor mint

The e liquid mint is also very popular among the smokers of electronic cigarette experts. It has a flavor neutral, which avoids any fatigue when smoking on the long-term. The taste of mint provides a cool sensation in the mouth, which accentuates the pleasure that one feels when smoking. There is not a lot of varieties of e liquid mint. It is only possible to measure the power of the mint, according to our needs and desires. In this perspective, you will find the e liquid fresh mint to the less pronounced taste and the e liquid mint polar to the more intense taste. The e liquid mint can be paired with other flavors such as the classic.

The e liquid fruity

You may smoke in some electronic cigarettes and feel the taste of fruit in the mouth. Normal, because they are made from the e liquid fruity. An e liquid is also ideal for smokers who want to put an end to the consumption of tobacco. The e liquid fruity stands out for its soft and fresh taste, the bearer of new sensations and refreshing. There are a multitude of tastes fruity, not to mention the flavors of apple, peach, lemon, red fruits... Some electronic cigarettes are made of a single fruity flavor, exotic, or simple, while others blend the tastes of various fruits at the same time.

The e liquid drink

It allows you to smoke an electronic cigarette in the taste of soda, coffee, expression, tea, smoothies... in short, all kinds of drinks to taste weak or strong.

What is the aroma e-liquid ?

The neutral base and the nicotine has no taste discernible, to produce the taste in e-liquid, it is necessary to add to the aroma. An infinite number of flavors can be used.

Natural flavours VS synthetic ?

The e liquid can be a natural flavor or an aroma, synthetic. The natural flavor is made of molecules collected in the natural state before being distilled and assembled in order to have a flavor that is well determined. The aroma obtained is then similar to the original flavor. The aroma artificial or synthetic is a reproduction of the flavor desired. It is made of molecules of synthesis, through which it tries to reproduce a particular taste as much as possible. The artificial aroma allows, for example, to make a natural flavor fade more pronounced.

Should I refrigerate my e liquid ?

No, however, it should be kept consistently at room temperature for optimal taste. The aroma in the E-cold liquid tends to separate from other ingredients, which greatly reduces the aroma. In addition, if your e-liquid has been left outside in a cold box during the winter months, it is strongly recommended to let it sit at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours before use. This should leave ample time for the aroma to blend in with other ingredients, for optimum results.

The e-liquid is it safe to use ?

All e-liquid should be kept out of the reach of children, should not be ingested or poured into the mouth and must be handled with care. If it is used in accordance with the instructions, there is no reason to think that the liquid is dangerous.

Consumption of e liquid nicotiné VS consumption of conventional cigarettes

If you are a smoker beginner, it may be interesting to know what is your daily consumption of e-cigarettes compared to your daily consumption of cigarettes. To get this, it is necessary to take into account the length of the electronic cigarette, the hardware that you use or even the frequency of hot flashes. There are tools that can help you to measure your consumption of e liquid or to know your future consumption of the e liquid if you consume not yet. Criteria such as the amount of nicotine present in your e liquid or nicotine levels in the cigarettes that are smoking before will be studied. This will allow you to know the rate of the number of e liquids that you will need to vape to satisfy your nicotine withdrawal during the withdrawal. Please be aware that the lack of nicotine will diminish as you progress in your smoking cessation. This means that you will eat less of e liquid with the time. This type of tool provides a result that is estimated and not final. We can not, therefore, consider it as a standard. Some smokers of electronic cigarettes beginners can consume a lot more e liquid that they do not have smoked. They vapotent so they do not have smoked, and this because there has not been enough nicotine in their e liquid compared to that present in the conventional cigarette. For the lack of nicotine is to be bridged, these beginners vapotent more frequently and for longer. This will enable them to succeed quickly in their smoking cessation using the electronic cigarette.

Your e liquid always cheaper on Vapovor

You opt for the electronic cigarette for health reasons as well as to the fact that it can prove to be very economic. In fact, you will find electronic cigarettes of all kinds and at reasonable prices, on our site. Check out our e liquids cheap and of good quality. You will find your e liquid cheap on Vapovor because we strive to find for you the best liquid for electronic cigarette and offer them at the best possible price. These e liquids are all designed for vapor beginners to vapor inveterate. Among our e liquid, you will find the e liquid the thing of the lab Lips, the e-liquid brand Halo... you just need to visit our site to discover all the ranges.

E liquid even cheaper : what is the Mix N' Vape ?

Among the e liquid the cheapest, we find the Mix N' Vape, e liquid without nicotine large format boosted in flavor to combine with booster packs of nicotine if required. These bottles start at the format of the 30ml filled with 20ml of liquid and go up to 120ml filled with 100ml fluid with as format standart the 60ml filled to the 50ml of liquid. This allows an operation much less expensive than buying an e liquid in 10-ml vial. In addition, it allows you to embed it into the e liquid the proportion of nicotine that suits you. This will allow you to get the e liquid ideal in which you will have the best dose of nicotine. The dream for every vapoteur who respects himself !

The e liquid made in France not expensive ?

Vapovor is a site of reference in terms of selling e-liquids and electronic cigarettes cheap. You will find the e liquid of all the brands, of the most ancienes to the most recent, and of all origins as of the e liquid malaysia, English... but you will mainly find e liquid French and it at the best price. Roykin, Savourea or Eliquid France are manufacturers of e liquid French which we offer products. Have a look at our catalog of e-liquid to find e liquid French at the height of your expectations and that is accessible to your budget

How to make your own e-liquid (DIY) ?

Vapovor also encourages the concept of Do it yourself, the eliquides that you do not want to you not necessarily accessible. The DIY is the best alternative for reinventing your vaping, and develop a fluid according to your desires, without breaking the bank. You can design an e liquid in greater quantity usable in the long term with the flavors that you want, thanks to our wide selection of products to DIY. It is also an opportunity for you to create e liquid entirely with your image. For this, you just need to choose the aroma concentrate that you want, the base rate of PG/VG that suits you and the dose of nicotine that is right for you. Just don't forget that you will not be able to use your e liquid immediately, a time of maturation is necessary to obtain a taste ideal.