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Nova Liquides

  • Nova Liquides Skiwi

    Thee-liquid Skiwi of Nova is a fruit juice intense born of the mixture of the strawberry and the...

    3,70 €
    • Kiwi
    • Strawberry
  • Nova Liquides Ultra Lemon

    Thee-liquid Ultra Lemon of Nova is a lemonade lemon and sparkling.

    3,70 €
    • Lemonade
    • Lemon
  • Out of stock

    Nova Liquides Smack Pie

    Thee-liquid Smack Pie of Nova is a rolled cinnamon filled with vanilla, caramel and coconut.

    3,70 €
  • Nova Liquides Blue Magic

    Thee-liquid Blue Magic of Nova is a blend of apple, blackcurrant, raisins and raspberry.

    3,70 €
  • Out of stock

    Nova Liquides Crazy Cookie

    Thee-liquid Crazy Cookie of Nova is a cookie topped with chocolate chips, hazelnuts and vanilla...

    3,70 €
  • Nova Liquides Absolut Zero

    Thee-liquid Absolut Zero of Nova is a menthol very powerful and very refreshing.

    3,70 €