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Le Coq Qui Vape

  • Le Coq Qui Vape M Menthol 50ml

    Le Coq Qui Vape Menthol e-liquid is a classic menthol for beautiful fresh throat sensations. 60ml...

    14,00 €
    • Classic
    • Menthol
  • Le Coq Qui Vape Brown 50ml

    The Le Coq Qui Vape Brun e-liquid is a truly successful French brown classic . For a vape of...

    14,00 €
  • Le Coq Qui Vape Cassis frosted 50ml

    The e-liquid Blackcurrant ice of The Cock That Vape is a delicious blackcurrant ice - refreshing...

    14,00 €
    • Koolada
    • Cassis
  • Le Coq Qui Vape Strawberry shortcake 50ml

    The e-liquid strawberry Charlotte of The Cock That Vape is a exquisite strawberry shortcake...

    14,00 €
    • Strawberry
  • Le Coq Qui Vape Breton pancakes 50ml

    The e-liquid Breton Pancakes of The Cock That Vape has the taste of a galette breton, a breton...

    14,00 €
    • Biscuit
  • Le Coq Qui Vape RY4 50ml

    The e-liquid RY4 of The cock that vape is a classic blond , sweetened with a caramel-vanilla !...

    14,00 €