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The choice of e-liquid is crucial to fully enjoy your experience of vaping. The selection of the different flavors to the distribution in VG/PG by passing through the levels of nicotine your e-liquid should meet your needs. The number of marks of a liquid for electronic cigarette is still growing and the quality not always at the rendezvous, in Vapovor we choose for you the brands that have proven their worth.

Liquid for electronic cigarette

You will find in our liquids for e-cigarette-the latest news as the e-liquid to the salts of nicotine, but also the e-liquid brands Liquideo, Roykin, Savourea, Halo... And of course, we do not skip on the essentials Heisenberg by Vampire Vape and Red Astaire from T-Juice ! The classic bottle of liquid for electronic cigarette contain 10ml, the larger bottles do not contain nicotine.

  • Fizzy Double Apple 100ml

    The e-liquid Double Apple range Shisha Series of Fizzy it is of red apples and green mixed with a...

    20,00 €
    • Apple
    • Classic
  • Fizzy Watermelon Hookah 100ml

    The e-liquid Watermelon Hookah the range Shisha Series of Fizzy is quite refreshing with its...

    20,00 €
    • Watermelon
    • Classic
  • Fizzy Strawberry Jam 100ml

    The e-liquid Strawberry Jam of Fizzy is a generous strawberry jam to enjoy at breakfast as to the...

    20,00 €
    • Strawberry
    • Sugar
  • AromaZon Bubble Juice Cola 50ml

    The e-liquid Bubble Juice Cola of AromaZon is a tasty mixture of the best bubble gum and a candy...

    14,00 €
    • Bubble Gum
    • Candy
    • Cola
  • Liquideo Evolution Nar Nar

    The e-liquid Nar Nar of the range Evolution of Liquideo is a moroccan tea arômatisé to the mint.

    3,20 €
    • Tea
    • Mint
  • XBud Pink Dragon 50ml

    The e-liquid Pink Dragon range Xbud by Liquideo combines red fruits, the black grape juicy,...

    14,00 €
    • Anise
    • Grape
    • Red Fruits
    • Eucalyptus

E-liquids are not expensive

On vapovor, you will find liquid for electronic cigarette cheap so well for the e-liquid French international, our prices are continually being re-evaluated in order to provide you with a catalog of e-liquids at the best price. You enjoy also a system of loyalty points and free delivery from 9€ ! And by ordering on our site, you will enjoy the e-liquids are not expensive and multiple benefits.

What you should know about the liquid for e-cigarette ?

Before you launch blindly into the choice of a liquid for electronic cigarette, you need to know some basics.
The levels of nicotine to choose : this will depend on your daily consumption of cigarette, the more you smoke, the more you will need a nicotine levels high.
The rate of VG/PG : a high rate of VG will produce a lot of vapor, while a high rate of PG you will have more hit.
The salt of nicotine : some eliquides now use salt of nicotine, it is the same form of nicotine present in the cigarette.
For the tastes, it is quite subjective and it will depend on the individual.