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Recognized worldwide as a leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, Eleaf is not only a pioneer but also one of the most popular in this sector. The excellence of its craftsmanship and its unwavering commitment to quality have allowed Eleaf to establish itself solidly in the vaping landscape.

The success story of Eleaf truly began with the launch of the Eleaf iStick range in 2014. Thanks to its iconic design and unmatched performance, this series quickly conquered the market and solidified Eleaf's position as a trusted brand. Over the years, Eleaf electronic cigarettes have not only maintained their popularity but have become best-sellers, thus earning a special place in the hearts of vapers.

When it comes to vaping hardware suppliers, Vapovor stands out as an essential specialist. By offering a complete range of superior quality vapes at competitive prices, Vapovor strives to bring the best of the industry to its customers. The selection naturally includes all models from the Eleaf iStick range, as well as the iJust models and IORE pods.

For those looking for clearomizers, Vapovor offers the famous Melo as well as the excellent GTL pod. Each product is carefully chosen to offer customers an exceptional vaping experience, whether they are beginners or experienced. With a wide range of affordable hardware, Vapovor ensures that every vaper, regardless of their level of expertise, finds what they are looking for.

In short, Eleaf, with its heritage and dedication to innovation, continues to pave the way in the vaping industry. Thanks to trusted suppliers like Vapovor, access to these superior quality products is made easier, allowing all vaping enthusiasts to enjoy the best devices on the market.

Eleaf designed and manufactured the iStick series, which has gained an excellent reputation. The iStick mini was introduced to the world for the first time in September 2014 and made big waves in the vaping circle. Riding on this momentum, Eleaf developed the iStick 20W, iStick 30W, iStick 50W... All of which have gained global recognition. When a new temperature control (TC) element entered the world of electronic cigarettes, Eleaf actively responded and successively developed the iStick TC40W, iStick TC60W and iStick TC100W. These temperature control devices for electronic cigarettes continue to gain popularity in the iStick series. They have been Eleaf's most popular products.

The iStick TC40W incorporates a technical element of temperature control, which brings a unique vaping experience without dry hit by adjusting the temperature setting. Despite its small size, it can reach 40W with a large power capacity of 2600mAh.

With its elegance and attractive colors, the iStick TC60W is equipped with interchangeable magnetic covers for easy switching of the 18650 cell and changing the covers to a different color. Powerful with a maximum power of 60W, it also features temperature control technology supporting nickel 200 and titanium coils.

The iStick TC100W, powerful and intelligent, not only features magnetic covers, but also presents you with switchable TC (Ni / Ti / SS / TCR) / VW / Bypass modes. A hidden fire button that can protect users from accidental presses, providing additional protection. Moreover, if users are not satisfied with the maximum power of 100W, it can be upgraded to 120W.

In addition to the iStick series, Eleaf also created the iJust series. The iJust 2 kit has a large power capacity of 2600mAh despite its exquisite appearance and lightweight. By adopting a dual coil EC head, it allows for larger cloud production. The direct output voltage makes it a good choice for beginners. Greater battery power and higher output voltage.

Extending the iJust series, Eleaf developed the iJust start (plus). In addition to two specifications: 1300mAh for the iJust Start and 1600mAh for the iJust Start Plus, it is also available with different attractive colors for options.
Eleaf is constantly seeking innovative designs with elegant appearances, superior quality, and impeccable service.