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Electronic Cigarette

In a few years, the e-cigarette has managed to establish itself as the arternative smoking the most effective. This is mainly due to its ability to reproduce the gestures and feel of a conventional cigarette. How is this equipment ? What is it that differentiates the ordinary model ? How does it work ? How do I use it ? What criteria do you need to take into account to succeed his or her choice ? Can he actually stop with tobacco ? Is there a medicine ? Impact-does it negatively impact the health ? Non-smokers can they be used ? Legislation on e-cigarettes ?

What is an electronic cigarette ?

The e-cigarette is a small device of rectangular shape which serves to vaporize e-liquid. It delivers instantly to steam as soon as you press its switch. It allows to reproduce the gestures and feel of the famous hit, sought after by smokers. The electronic cigarette is an undeniable tool to aid smoking cessation. It releases the combustion of the nicotine and toxic components. The manufacturers have fully modernised this equipment since the release of its prototype in 2001. They offer different models of this accessory invented by a pharmacist chinese Hon Lik. They work almost identically, even if their configuration varies. Regardless of your profile, you will find a e-cigarette which may meet your expectations.


The components of an electronic cigarette

This equipment has two compartments nested essential for its proper functioning.

  • Theatomizer designates the upper part of an e-cigarette. It includes three different elements. The tank represents the container of e-liquid. Its filling may be done by the top or the bottom, depending on the models. Located in the centre of the clearomizer, the resistance consists of a resistive wire and cotton wicks. The consumable is changed regularly. Expressed in Ohm, and its value provides an indication of the ability to produce steam and to return the flavors. Positioned at the top of the clearomizer, the mouthpiece or drip-tip, serves as protection to the lips. It can display an openness, fine or broad. The electronic cigarettes have a system of air-flow which makes the suction possible.
  • The battery represents the lower part of an e-cigarette. It stores the energy which powers the resistance heating. Once tubular, it takes more and more of a square shape with the boxs that guarantee a better autonomy. A " Mod " refers to a battery not integrated. It's akin to a big stack withdrawable. Its capacity is expressed in mAh. Some models allow the adjustment of their power to adjust the intensity of the vape. You must recharge it regularly your e-cigarette to avoid failure of energy.

Differences between electronic cigarettes and classic

Several points allow to distinguish between these two accessories.

  • A dry involves tobacco combustion of which delivers more than 4000 toxic substances like carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, benzoic, of the acetic acid, etc All of these elements are found in the lungs of a smoker. About the e-cigarette, its operation is based on the inhalation of e-liquid that is heated from the electrical current. It contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavor and nicotine. The steam issued does not contain the toxic elements because of theabsence of combustion. Better, numerous manufacturers offer e-liquids without nicotine.
  • Conventional cigarettes gènèrent of serious diseases such as cancers and respiratory conditions or asthma. They cause approximately 75,000 deaths annually, in France. Worse, the passive smoking also causes nearly 5000 human deaths over the same period. About the e-cigarette, it is 95 % less harmful than conventional cigarettes, according to the ministry of Health in the uk. In addition, the concentration of toxic chemicals and carcinogens lower automatically in the body of smokers who give up tobacco in favor of e-cigarette. The High Council of public health considers electronic cigarettes as a true substitute to tobacco consumption.
  • Smokers use perfect several packs of cigarettes on a daily basis. This requires a budget that may increase as a function of their dependence. They may have to spend at least 300 € on a monthly basis if they take 1 packet daily. As for the vapor, they just need to regularly change the resistance of their atomizer and supply of e-liquid. Regardless of their preference, they invest less than 100 € on an equivalent period. They soften very quickly to purchase their e-cigarette and realize cost savings. They also have the opportunity to make personally their e-liquid to reduce expenses.

Differences between electronic cigarette and nicotine replacement medication

They represent complementary solutions commonly use to stop the consumption of tobacco. However, the e-cigarette is more powerful, since it allows to reproduce the gestures usual with sensations close enough to the famous catch. Of course, the vapoteur is not exposed to major risk. Heavy smokers generally combine the electronic cigarette to nicotine replacement therapies to optimize their chance to finish with the tobacco.

What are the different types of vapoteuse ?

Three major families of electronic cigarettes exist.

  • The e-cigarettes Pod represent models of next generation compact and easy-to-use. Modest in size, they include a disposable cartridge or reusable, which plays the role of both the tank and resistance. They remain highly prized by the vapor beginners because of their simple and intuitive operation. Manufacturers sell pods to cartridges sealed, to refillable cartridges and resistors exchanged. These e-cigarettes prove to be of use quite easy. No setting is required. Their discretion and their small footprint is also an important asset. The easy change cartridge allows you to change flavors, or nicotine levels without too much discomfort. These models ensure of sensations close to those of a smoker. By contrast, the vapoteur is going to have to manage their autonomy limited and the inability to make adjustments.
  • The e-cigarette AIO (All-In-One) represent equipment tubular fairly compact and discrete. They include a rechargeable battery and a clearomizer, removable or not. Their operation requires virtually no setup. The power adjusts automatically. These electronic cigarettes are perfectly suited to all profiles of vapor. Manufacturers offer kits, tubular, simple, advanced and expert. The e-cigarettes are cylindrical to get very little. They are easy to use and maintain without difficulty. Their arrangement does not require any specific knowledge. However, you have to constantly reload. Some vapor provide outright a battery backup. The lack of adjustment can become a disadvantage when your needs hit increase.
  • The e-cigarettes box stand out from other models by their rectangular shape. They include a battery of high-capacity batteries or accumulators. They allow smoking any longer and guarantee hits intense. They allow many settings that facilitate a customization of the vape. Kits box simple, advanced and experts remain available for all profiles. They remain highly prized by the large vapor because of their high degree of autonomy. They include box and atomizers separable. This allows to easily change one or the other of these accessories. The great variety of the settings may put you in trouble. This requires a thorough reading of the manual and a time of adaptation. The e-cigarette box can become cumbersome because of their size and weight.

How does an electronic cigarette ?

As soon as the vapoteur presses the switch, the wicks of the atomizer route of the e-liquid until the resistive wire is heated by the energy delivered by the battery. This generates steam that the user can aspire to. It can enjoy direct inhalation or indirect function of the value of the resistance. It also allows to reproduce the gesture. Thee-liquid plays a very important role in the functioning of an electronic cigarette. It incorporates the nicotine facilitates smoking cessation. As for the propylene glycol, it increases the effects of aromas to impart a taste to the more interesting steam and contributes to the building of the famous hit. It ensures that tingling sensations in the throat similar to those felt by smokers. The vegetable glycerin allows to obtain a vapor more dense while bringing the sweetness to the flavours. It makes the e-liquid is more oily.

How do I use an electronic cigarette ?

Some tricks allow you vape in the best conditions. Beginners should take it into account to optimize their experience.

  • A good technique of inhaling is required at the risk of cough due to hit too large. You inhale gently for about 3 to 4 seconds.
  • You must make a good start to each new resistor to avoid the unpleasant sensation of burnt taste in the mouth. Basically, you wait about ten minutes after filling the tank of e-liquid. This allows the wicks to soak properly.
  • Caution recommends that you provide at least two e-cigarettes, and spare batteries. So you have a good battery and try to anticipate situations of failure or malfunction. Don't forget that resistance is a consumable. You need to replace it every 2 or 3 weeks. Change always when you notice an alteration in the taste, vapor, less intense or flavour persistent burning.
  • A compatibility between the resistance and the e-liquid used to improve your experience of the vape. Keep this in mind to make your choices. Read enough the product sheet of each item to buy. Follow the recommendations and heed the advice.
  • A leak may occur in the case of a surplus of e-liquid. Do not panic if you find yourself in such a situation. Cover just your clearomizer a cloth and blow on the drip-tip to remove easily the excess. A replacement of the resistance is needed if the problem persists.

How much is an electronic cigarette ?

The use of an e-cigarette allows smokers to realize substantial savings. The manufacturers sell many models. The prices vary depending on the versions and their features. Your choice should take into account your profile of vapoteur. Looking for the best price-quality ratio. Regardless of your budget, you will find a e-cigarette which may meet your expectations. After the purchase of the kit, you must also plan for the periodic replacement of consumables. The unit rate of the resistance ranges between 1 and 5 €. You need to change them every 2 to 3 weeks. The cost of a bottle of e-liquid depends on the quality of the product and its capacity. Allow between 3 and 7 € for 10 ml. With a consumption of a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis, you can use about a dozen bottles on a monthly basis. This would amount to less than € 100. You save a great deal of money since you'll spend 300 € to acquire the 30 packs of conventional cigarettes. This allows you to absorb quickly the amount invested for thepurchase of the kit. With a little experience, you can even produce your personal e-liquid to further reduce the recurring charge.

How to choose your electronic cigarette ?

Manufacturers market a wide range of e-cigarettes with different characteristics. You need to absolutely identify a model that could meet your expectations to avoid unpleasant surprises. Of course, you decide depending on the budget you have. But, the profile of the user remains the most important criterion.

What is the electronic cigarette for a beginner ?

Your choices will depend on your daily consumption of cigarettes. Three types of smokers exist.

  • The small smokers take less than 10 cigarettes in a day. They need to focus on a single e-cigarette as vapoteuses pods or tubes.
  • Moderate smokers can reach up to 20 dry per day. The models performance with a good battery able to meet their expectations. The kits pods, and tubes developed their fit.
  • Heavy smokers of more than 20 cigarette butts in 24 hours. In this case, the e-cigarette box turn out to be much more practical. They do not discharge quickly.

The vapor beginners who are looking to produce a lot of steam should opt for a equipment with a box powerful. The value of the resistance must also be below 0.50 ohm to foster a direct inhalation. They will also need to use an e-liquid with a high rate of vegetable glycerin and a proposal for a nicotine of less than 6 mg/ml. A strong delivery of nicotine may cause irritation unpleasant in the throat. Several criteria allow the beginner to easily identify the e-cigarette is likely to meet their expectations.

  • The format is an important factor. Models pods and tubes impress with their compactness and their discretion while the box can be bulky. Don't forget that you have the possibility of providing an electronic cigarette spare.
  • The taking into account of theself is also required. A kit of at least 1500 mAh can meet the expectations of the small smoking. Opt for a battery of 2500 mAh if you reach 20 cigarettes per day. Beyond this consumption, opt rather for a model of more than 2500 mAh. You have the possibility to provide the batteries to avoid breakdowns of energy. Use cautiously as to not expose you to hazards.
  • Taking into account the value of the resistance allows you to get the sensations sought after You can enjoy a vape with soft, smooth inhalation indirect with a kit of more than 1 Ohm. For a vape versatile inhalation, direct or indirect, opt for an electronic cigarette whose value of resistance varies between 0.5 and 1 Ohm. Below 0.5 ohm, an e-cigarette delivers a powerful steam by direct inhalation. A growing number of manufacturers now provide two resistors in their kits.
  • The capacity of the clearomizer is also a relevant criterion. The small smoking area just kits standard 2 to 3 ml. As for the heavy smokers, they should give preference to models with a greater capacity to avoid the fillings recurring.

What e-liquid for a beginner ?

You need to take into account your profile of smoker to make good choices. The number of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis reflects your dependence on nicotine.

  • The e-liquids 16 and 18 mg/ml nicotine can fulfill the needs of heavy smokers. They will experience very little sensations of lack related to smoking cessation.
  • Moderate smokers may point to the e-liquid assayed between 11 and 12 mg/ml nicotine.
  • As for the occasional smokers, the e-liquid, 6 mg/ml were enough to satisfy.

Take into account your taste to make your choice. A wide range of articles-classic, fruity, gourmet or menthol is still available.Also provide consumables such as resistance. Also put in place a reserve of e-liquid and a spare battery. Sometimes, you also need accessories like a USB charger and a rechargeable battery.

What is the electronic cigarette for a vapoteur confirmed ?

Such a user already knows his or her expectations and requirements. This should help to easily make a excellent choice. Of course, it will need to take into account his / her profile.

  • They need to focus on kits simple , if they are seeking to purchase a second e-cigarette extra. They can opt for a pod or tube if their consumption does not exceed twenty cigarettes on a daily basis. Beyond this limit, they should give preference to an electronic cigarette box. It guarantees a greater autonomy. It displays accessories of settings that allow you to improve your performance.
  • The vapor experienced tend to seek out the kits more self-reliant. They often prefer models reconstructible they will be able to demonstrate and organize personally. Many of the equipment pod, tube and box can meet their expectations. To avoid failures of power, they can acquire an e-cigarette is likely to ship batteries. This ensures unlimited autonomy. Some electronic cigarettes also allow you to deliver a lot more steam.
  • Big vapor need to focus on those kits experts models pod, tube or box. They are still available in simple version or top of the range. They include an atomizer rebuildable. The appropriate guides exist to learn how to manipulate them.

Why choose an electronic cigarette to quit smoking ?

The e-cigarette is a tool to help the nicotine withdrawal is very popular because of its many advantages. You must not use it when you are not suffering from an addiction to the consumption of tobacco. It is not a drug. Obviously, only persons of age may use it.

  • The operation of the electronic cigarette does not rely on the combustion. The steam generated at the vape does not contain any of the 4000 toxic substances or carcinogens present in the smoke of the dry classics. With the e-cigarette, you no longer feel the tobacco. You find your breath and your sense of smell. Whooping cough vanish also. You will be able to train you without having the sensation of choking. According to the arms Gérard Mathern, the vape is "1000 times" less dangerous than tobacco for the health.
  • With an electronic cigarette, you simply copy the movements of a smoker. It also provides the famous hic. You can also freely take the dose of nicotine you want in the beginning. You can reduce this gradually to become fully independent of this substance.
  • The e-cigarette allows you tosave money compared to the consumption of tobacco. It leads to a decrease in the budget devoted to health care and the health.
  • The vapoteuse does not generate stubs. This represents an important ecological advantage. These elements can pollute the water. They are at the origin of the majority of unintended fires.

Electronic cigarette help-she really smoking ?

Different studies have confirmed the e-cigarette as a tool to help in smoking cessation to be very effective. As of 2013, a study supervised by professor Chris Bullen has shown that 57 % of smokers who had adopted the electronic cigarette were able to halve their tobacco consumption. After the compilation of various research, the global network of Cochrane has officially stated that the e-cigarette nicotine increased the chances of stopping smoking long-term. A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that e-cigarette use was two times more effective than other nicotine replacement therapies. Took place in 2019, she had worn out of 886 participants. At the level of the Hexagon, public Health France advance to 700 000 French have managed to stop smoking with the e-cigarette. These statistics are confirmed on the european scale. The Eurobarometer claims that the vaping has saved 7.5 million from certain death, while 9 million people were able to lower their consumption of tobacco thanks to this revolutionary tool.

Overview on the legislation of the electronic cigarette

Strict regulation governs the production and distribution of e-cigarettes. You must comply with the applicable requirements for vape in peace. Their violation will be subject to sanctions such as fines or imprisonment.

At what age can you vape ?

Only major persons can use an electronic cigarette in accordance with article 36 of the law on consumption. You must have 18 years to be able to buy a e-cigarette and its derivatives. This applies to both hardware and e-liquids nicotinés or not. The regulation prohibits their sale to minors. The State intends to protect the layer with the juvenile in the face of long-term uncertainties of this solution. This will ensure that adolescents have access prematurely to the nicotine at risk of developing a dependency. This is akin to a subtle awareness of the legislator on the fact that e-cigarettes should not become a fad. It must remain a tool to aid smoking cessation. On each site, you must certify on the honor that you have reached the age of majority before you can proceed with your order.


Acronym of " Tobacco Product Directive ", the PDT refers to a european directive from 2014 that regulate the marketing of tobacco and related products like e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The French State has transposed in its legislation the may 19, 2016 by the order n° 2016-623. New requirements govern the packaging and distribution of accessories for vaping.

  • The capacity of a bottle of e-liquid nicotiné should not exceed 10 ml. Its nicotine content should not exceed 20 mg/ml. A safety device must protect against breakage and leaks. The word "Tobacco" should not be in the name of the e-liquids. The manufacturers now use the theme " Classic ". The act also sets the maximum capacity of the tank and disposable cartridges pre-filled e-liquid nicotiné to 2 ml.
  • Thepackaging must clearly indicate in French the composition of e-liquid contain nicotine, the amount delivered per dose and the number of the lot. A health warning must state that the nicotine contained in the e-liquid leads to a strong dependence. It should also advise against its use to non-smokers. A recommendation is to invite the users to drop the product out of the reach of children. The manufacturer should also provide an instruction sheet with the directions for use and storage, contraindications, warnings, effects of dependence and toxicity. The bottle should mention the contact details of the importer.
  • Distributors of e-liquids must notify the placing on the market of their products 6 months with the marketing of their goods. Their record should specify the composition, the toxicological data of the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

The act prohibits expressly the propaganda, and advertisements related to the accessories to vape.

Where to refrain from using its electronic cigarette ?

According to the article L3512-6 of the code of public health which entered into force since the 1st of October 2017, you can't vape in the schools and in centres for the reception, accommodation or education of minors. This prohibition also relates to the means of public transport, closed as well as places of work cleared for common use. The act applies to all e-cigarettes with e-liquid nicotiné or not. You may be subject to a fine 2nd class if you violate this prohibition. This is equivalent to 35 €. This device does not relate to public institutions such as bars, restaurants or shops. However, you must comply with the requirements laid down in their rules of procedure in this framework.

How to vape in public ?

You must adopt the required behaviours to avoid to annoy the non-smokers.

  • Courtesy recommends that you keep away from them. In a quite spot with little light, reduce the power of your e-cigarette to emit less vapor. Choose a mild aroma and neutral to protect the sense of smell of the people around you.
  • Do vapotez not to incite minors are present in your environment to imitate you.
  • Move in areas that are well-ventilated to allow a rapid evacuation of the vapors released.

Can buy e-cigarettes online ?

The law does not prohibit the acquisition of electronic cigarette and e-liquid on the web. You can ship your order directly to you. Almost all of the european countries allow this practice, with the exception of Belgium. A Royal decree forbids the sale of remote accessories to vape.

Can you travel with your e-cigarette ?

You can take a plane with your electronic cigarette in luggage. You also have the opportunity to bring you up to 100 ml of e-liquid. You will simply need to store it in a transparent bag with a clasp. Make sure that nothing is in your clearomizer at the time of boarding. Its content may volatilize within a few minutes due to the pressurization of the aircraft. The airlines forbid you send a e-cigarette with a built-in battery in the baggage compartment. They only allow mods and boxs without batteries and bottles of e-liquid. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service of your carrier to obtain greater accuracy. Please also ask for any restrictions of the destination country to avoid confiscation of your equipment and a fine, or even prison.

How to take care of an electronic cigarette ?

The acquisition of an e-cigarette is a profitable investment since the material can be used for many years. Plan a storage case to protect the shock. Clean your clearomizer every time you change your e-liquid. This is done with thehot water and paper towels. Avoid systematically vaper with an atomizer empty. This could cause irreparable damage to some components.

  • An e-cigarette pod requires very little maintenance. You just need to recharge it regularly its battery.
  • Models tubes, pipes and boxs can be handled very easily. During the replacement of the resistance, you can tear it down to rinse it with clear water. Take the opportunity to check the state of wear of the joints.
  • The battery recharge has to take place in your presence. This allows you to disconnect at the right time in order to limit the risk of overheating and degradation of the internal circuitry.

What to do if the electronic cigarette does not work ?

Do not panic and do not seek to dismantle systematically. The audit approach remains quite simple.

  • Make sure that you have turned on your equipment. Turn it back on by clicking 5 times on the home button for activation.
  • Check the level of the battery by trying to recharge it if the problem persists.
  • Another tip is to properly position the atomizer in contact with the box. You can also properly set the resistance on the base of the clearomizer. If you use an atomizer rebuildable, resume the assembly.
  • In the last option, change or repeat the resistance of your e-cigarette.

Frequently asked questions

This topic explains you in simple words as the e-cigarette works and brings you clarification on the supposed dangerousness of this equipment

Presentation and manipulation of the vapoteuse

Here you can find precise answers to all your questions related to the functioning of the e-cigarette.

What is an electronic cigarette ?

An e-cigarette is a electronic equipment which is likely to generate vapour inhalable from the heating of the liquid contained in its reservoir. It has a special end cap which protects the lips of the user. The operation of this device is not based on combustion. The vapoteur not absorb any toxic substance and a carcinogen.

What are the components of an electronic cigarette ?

An e-cigarette includes :

  • a battery ;
  • an atomizer comprising a reservoir and a resistor.

This equipment also features a special end cap and a system airflow adjustable. Of course, you must add e-liquid to vape becomes possible.

What is a battery e-cigarette ?

This equipment is an accessory of the electronic cigarette, whose role is to transfer the electrical current to the resistance of the cleaomiseur to heat it so that it can generate steam. You must charge regularly in order to renew his energy.

What is a clearomizer for e-cigarette ?

Also called atomizer, it refers to the high part of the electronic cigarette. It contains the e-liquid and the resistance. The heat provided by the battery heats these two elements that generate the steam. Different types of clearomiseurs exist. They can allow a direct inhalation or indirect.

What is a resistance to e-cigarettes ?

The resistance is a consumable indispensable to the normal functioning of an electronic cigarette. Her hair soaked with e-liquid conduct electrical current until the resistive wire for the vaporization. Different types of resistors exist. They stand out by their value expressed in Ohm. Beginners need to focus on a kit with an Ohm is close to 1. This will allow them to feel similar sensations to those of a conventional cigarette.

What is e-liquid ?

E-liquid refers to a solution made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine. It is used to fill the clearomizer. It turns into steam on contact with the resistance heated. The proportion of its components varies from one product to another.

To what frequency is uses an e-cigarette ?

It all depends on your pattern of smoking and your body's needs nicotine. A beginner must use his or her electronic cigarette as much as he wants to avoid to fall in the consumption of tobacco. Then, it can reduce the addiction over time. Listen to the requirements of your body. People are much more likely to vape in the morning than in the evening. Inhale the vapour of a gentle and progressive. Mark a small pause between puffs to avoid overheating of the resistance of your electronic cigarette.

How do I make the fill of an e-cigarette ?

This depends on the configuration of your clearomiseurs.

  • You can do it from the top after unscrewing the drip-tip and the top cap of the atomizer. For some models, you just need to slide the top cap.
  • The charging of the e-liquid can also be reached from the bottom. In this case, you invert the tank and unscrew the base filling.

The payment must be made by the board. Keep the e-cigarette tilted throughout the process to avoid that the liquid reaches the chimney of the tank. At the end, close the ring of airflow. You have to wait for the wicks of resistance soak properly before starting the vape.

How often to change the battery of the e-cigarette ?

The cycles of charging the battery of electronic cigarette vary between 300 and 500. This accessory will pay for itself quite quickly if you use it commonly. It will become less effective over time. This will affect the life of your equipment. So make sure you have a backup battery.

How to clean an e-cigarette ?

You must regularly take care of your e-cigarette to maintain its performance and to use it sustainably. The procedure is quite simple.

  • Maintain systematically the clearomizer when charging e-liquid or the change of the resistance. Specifically, you use a canvas microfibre cloth dipped in water to wipe down the atomizer ;
  • You use a toothbrush to scrub the mouthpiece or drip-tip, to remove all the dirt.
  • Also clean the battery with your cloth dampened.
  • Finally, you go up to the resistance and the whole device.

The electronic cigarettes and rechargeable batteries can be recycled they ?

Of course, you manage these accessories in a specific way in order to avoid that they contaminate the water and soil.

  • Put the clean the clearomizer is defective with clear water to eliminate all traces of e-liquid. Then, you drop it in a collection centre specialist close to your home.
  • As for the battery, you protect with adhesive tape to prevent any degassing. This applies at the level of the poles. Then, you send in the containers specified for the batteries.

Who invented the electronic cigarette ?

The current version of the e-cigarette has been developed by the pharmacist chinese Hon Lik. The filing of the first patent of an electronic device simulating a cigarette without burning back in 2005. It was in China. The spray system of today was patented in 2009.

Danger of the electronic cigarette : to unravel the true from the false

Of the many rumors, misconceptions and false beliefs floating around about the electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette is it more dangerous than tobacco ?

No. The smoke from the burning of the conventional cigarette contains more than 4000 cancer-causing substances. Their absorption exposes smokers to diseases such as cancers and respiratory conditions. This is causing almost 75 000 deaths annually. The vapour from the electronic cigarette does not deliver any toxic element. For the National Academy of Medicine, " it is established that the vaporette is less dangerous than cigarette smoking ". As for the health authorities, they estimate that " the ecig is at least 95 % less harmful than tobacco ".

Is there uncertainty about the content of the e-cigarette ?

No. The e-liquids contain mainly substances known as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Operated in the universe in the food and pharmaceutical, the PG accentuates the aromas and enhances the hit of nicotine. As for the VG, it increases the volume of the steam generated. It shows no toxicity. It is used at the level of the food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Like the flavors, nicotine is not a carcinogenic substance in the absence of combustion.

The sector of electronic cigarette is it regulated ?

Yes. At european level, member States have put in place the Directive on tobacco products. France has transposed by the Ordinance of may 19, 2016. The features of this text frame strictly the manufacture and distribution of accessories for vaping. The e-liquid must be present in a container whose capacity does not exceed 10 ml. Its nicotine content may not exceed 20 mg/ml. The law also stipulates the mandatory information that must appear on the packaging. It also indicates the formalities to be fulfilled to put the products vape on the market.

The nicotine is carcinogenic ?

No. This substance becomes toxic in case of combustion. The smoke then releases toxic elements like carbon monoxide or tars that may generate respiratory diseases and cancers. The vape of the nicotine does not present any danger scientifically proven at the present time.

The e-cigarette can lead to addiction ?

Yes. Consumption, recurrent of nicotine you are exposed to this risk. This explains why non-smokers should not try the electronic cigarette. However, this dependence can be controlled more easily than that of tobacco, thanks to some alternatives such as the e-liquid CBD.

The vaping passive is it as harmful as passive smoking ?

No. The smoke from the conventional cigarette contains more than 4000 carcinogenic substances that accumulate in the air. Other people could absorb them. An individual exposed on a frequent basis may develop the same symptoms as a smoker. Passive smoking causes nearly 5000 deaths in France each year. The steam delivered by the e-cigarette does not contain any toxic element. It distills rather an exquisite aroma. Very light, it evaporates fairly quickly. However, the vapor must move away from non-smoking to avoid inconvenience.

Can you associate vaping and smoking without health risk ?

No. The professionals advise against it strongly. You must completely abandon the conventional cigarettes to revive the full form. The diseases and threats cancer will survive if you continue to poison you.

The e-cigarette can it cause side effects ?

Yes. This generally translates into a sensation of dryness of mouth and irritation in the throat. A high rate of nicotine can also cause headaches, nausea or dizziness. A hit that is too strong can also trigger coughing. Good hydration enables you to calm these effects.

The e-cigarette does it grow ?

No. No scientific study has made such observations. The feelings of lack and smoking can increase your appetite. To force them to eat in excess, you expose yourself to weight. This can only be explained by the use of the electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette smoking yellow the teeth ?

No. Your teeth become rather gradually white when you stop the consumption of tobacco.

The e-cigarette is it for pregnant women ?

No. This exposes them to risks such as miscarriage, uterine pregnancy, premature birth, etc This will certainly also affect the fetus. Stop systematically, therefore, with the electronic cigarette when you become pregnant and during the entire period of breastfeeding.

The e-cigarette is recommended for non-smokers ?

No. These individuals may develop an addiction physiological strength to get used to the gestures. The risk of addiction to nicotine remains quite high. Furthermore, science has not yet identified the effects of the vape over the long term. Do not use of electronic cigarettes by mode.

The e-cigarette does it a drug ?

No. This equipment is only a tool to aid smoking cessation. Doctors and pharmacists can not prescribe. It's akin to an ordinary consumer product.

An e-cigarette can explode for no reason ?

No. The batteries of these devices are conceived with the same rigour as those of smartphones and laptops. This risk does not exist as long as you use them according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Caution is in order, rather with the batteries. You must comply with the safety precautions provided by their distributors in order to avoid any unfortunate incident.