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Dragon Killer ESALT Eliquid Fruizee

    Dragon Killer ESALT E-liquid by Fruizee
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    Discover the Dragon Killer ESALT e-liquid by Fruizee from Eliquid France, specially formulated to provide a refreshing vape experience. This tasty blend combines the tropical taste of juicy dragon fruit with the sweetness of succulent strawberry, perfect for those seeking fruity satisfaction and intense freshness.

    This liquid contains nicotine salts, offering sensations very similar to what you might feel with a traditional cigarette. With this type of nicotine, the feeling of craving disappears more quickly.

    It is highly recommended to use e-liquids with nicotine salts with resistances above 1 ohm, moderate power, and indirect inhalation.

    50PG/50VGNicotine saltsFranceStrawberryDragon FruitFreshness

    Explore the delicious heart of a famous drink, enriched with crunchy quarters of green apple and a refreshing wave of flavor. Discover the excitement of E-Salt Cola Apple E-liquid Fruizee by Eliquid France!

    This 10ml format e-liquid is much more than a simple exquisite cocktail: it is infused with salt nicotine for a smoother and more efficient experience!

    A sparkling marriage between cola and fresh apple:

    The Cola Apple E-Salt Fruizee e-liquid starts with a sparkling and sweet base that everyone knows: cola. For this gourmet drink, it adds a note of sweet and tangy green apple, with a touch of freshness at its heart.

    When you vape it, the initial explosion quickly gives way to an unexpected sweetness. You will be transported by pleasure and inevitably, you will ask for more!

    Learn more about nicotine salts:

    Unlike the Cola Apple 10ml Fruizee by Eliquid France, the Cola Apple E-Salt is made with nicotine salts instead of classic nicotine. This means a softer throat hit and faster absorption of nicotine. In other words, nicotine salts are significantly more efficient!

    With a nicotine salt e-liquid, the choice of dosages is less varied than for a classic nicotine-based e-liquid. You will have the choice between:

    • 10 mg/ml of nicotine salt, equivalent to about 3 to 6 mg/ml of traditional nicotine, recommended for an average consumption of 10 cigarettes per day;
    • 20 mg/ml of nicotine salt, equivalent to more than 6 mg/ml of traditional nicotine, recommended for an average consumption of 20 cigarettes per day.

    Additional information:

    The Cola Apple E-Salt is a ready-to-use e-liquid specially designed for electronic cigarettes. It is made in France by Eliquid France as part of its Fruizee range. Made up of food flavors, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, it offers a perfect balance with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

    This liquid also contains nicotine salt and is available in different rates of nicotine salts, depending on your preference.

    This product complies with TPD regulations and will be delivered in a 10ml PET bottle with a secure cap and a fine tip, convenient and clean.

    Data sheet

    Eliquid France
    10 ml
    Child safety
    Nicotine salts
    Dragon Fruit
    Nicotine rate: 10mg/ml

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