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Roykin Lemon Candy E-liquid 50ml
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The Lemon Candy 50ml e-liquid from Roykin perfectly evokes the lemon candies in the shape of a crescent moon, offering a pleasantly tart and flavourful vaping experience.

70ml unicorn type bottle containing 50ml of flavour-boosted, nicotine-free liquid, allowing the addition of a 10ml booster with 20mg/ml of nicotine to obtain a finished liquid at 3.3mg/ml without losing flavour, or two boosters to obtain a liquid at 5.7mg/ml.


Gourmet Discovery: Lemon Candy 50ml E-Liquid by Roykin - An Exquisite and Balanced Vape.

Explore the perfect union of sweet and sour with the Lemon Candy 50ml e-liquid, an innovation signed by Roykin. This e-liquid offers a flavorful vaping experience, combining the irresistible sweetness of candies and the tangy freshness of yellow lemon, for a simultaneously sweet and fruity mouth sensation.

Perfect Balance: Roykin quality in every puff.

Roykin, a renowned brand from France, presents its Lemon Candy 50ml e-Liquid, designed to offer an ideal balance in the mouth. With a PG/VG ratio of 50/50, it promises intense flavour, satisfactory vapour production and a pleasant throat sensation. Compatible with most electronic cigarettes, it is recommended to use a resistance of 0.5 to 1 ohm for an optimal vaping experience.

A Flexible Choice: Nicotine-free e-liquid ready to customize.

The Lemon Candy 50ml e-liquid from Roykin stands out for its absence of nicotine, a characteristic linked to its generous 50ml format. To meet the needs of vapers, Roykin offers this product in a 70ml bottle, supercharged with aroma to allow customization of the nicotine rate. Simply add one or two nicotine boosters directly into the bottle to obtain a nicotine rate of 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml according to your preferences.

Instructions: Customize your Lemon Candy e-liquid with nicotine.

For nicotine lovers, the Lemon Candy 50ml e-liquid can be easily adapted. The product, packaged in a 60ml or 70ml bottle, leaves the necessary space for the addition of nicotine boosters. These 10ml boosters with 20mg/ml of nicotine, allow to reach a nicotine rate of 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml by mixing them with the e-liquid. It is advisable not to exceed these rates to preserve the intense and authentic aromas of this e-liquid.

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50 ml
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Nicotine rate: Without nicotine

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