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Supreme Arabica Concentrate 10ml
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Discover the exquisite Arabica Supreme SuperVape, a fragrance that excels in nuance. This coffee stands out for its gustatory complexity, supported by its three major qualities: strength, controlled acidity, and a rich aromatic profile. By focusing on smoothness, the Arabica Supreme by SuperVape offers a harmonious finish on the palate, enhanced by carefully balanced acidity. It pairs wonderfully with notes of nuts, cereals, and even caramel. SuperVape Arabica Supreme is a concentrate to be mixed with a PG/VG base according to your preferences, presented in a 10 ml bottle. The recommended dosage is 10% in a 50/50 PG/VG base. The optimal maturation time is between 7 and 15 days. The Arabica Supreme SuperVape concentrate is a product of French quality, created by the LIPS laboratory. Arabica Supreme is a coffee concentrate. Sweet yet acidic, this concentrate delivers a most harmonious result on the palate. It will perfectly accompany nuts, cereals, or even caramel.

Discover SuperVape, the French reference for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts! Our unique recipes are created by an experienced perfumer and tested by independent flavorists. The flavors used are mainly natural, but we opt for synthetic notes when natural could present allergic risks, even minimal. These synthetic flavors are rigorously tested and validated in the laboratory, in compliance with IFRA standards (International Fragrance Research Association).

How to prepare your SuperVape concentrate? Here are the steps:

Required ingredients:

A ready-to-use base

One or more concentrated flavors

Optional: an additive (more or less sweet, more or less acidic, balancing, candy effect, etc.)

Required equipment:

  • A large syringe of 10 to 30 ml for the bases
  • A smaller 1 ml syringe for the flavors
  • Plastic or glass bottles of 5 ml / 10 ml / 30 ml for your preparations
  • Latex gloves
  • Protective glasses

Preparation procedure:

  1. Start by washing your hands and make sure you work out of reach of children, on a clean work surface.
  2. Use a syringe or pipette to fill an empty bottle with your base (for 10 ml of e-liquid: add 8 ml of base, the remaining 2 ml will consist of flavors and additives).
  3. Be careful when handling the base containing nicotine. We recommend using latex gloves and protective glasses.
  4. Shake your flavor bottles well before use.
  5. Add a few drops of flavor(s) (see dosage recommendations on the product sheet).
  6. Optional: add one or more additives.
  7. Shake your preparation vigorously for 10 to 20 seconds and let it rest for the flavors to mature.
  8. Wash your hands again, clean your equipment and your work surface.
  9. Write down your recipe so you can reproduce it later or share it.


Maturation is a crucial phase, corresponding to the development of the flavors of your e-liquid. The flavors do not express themselves immediately. It takes a minimum of 15 days for tobacco-type flavors and at least 48 hours for others. The maturation time also varies depending on the base used. The higher the vegetable glycerin rate, the longer the maturation time.


Once the maturation is finished, your e-liquid is ready to be tasted. If the flavors seem too light, add a few drops of flavor and let it rest for at least 48 hours. If the liquid is too strong, you can dilute it by adding base.


  • Start with a single flavor before experimenting with mixtures.
  • For additives (optional), stay within proportions of 1 to 3% of your base + flavor(s) mix.
  • Label your preparations (flavor(s), dosage, nicotine level, production date).
  • Prepare your new recipes in 10 ml bottles, but in small quantity (5 ml) to allow adjustments.

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