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GeekVape Aegis Pod kit

Small in size, but large in splendor, the Pod Aegis kit is matched only by its efficiency. Produced following a long series of kits as perfected as each other, the Pod Aegis kit is despite its small size one of the highlights of Geek Vape. Noblesse oblige, the smallest of the Aegis is notably the most robust. This mini electronic cigarette fits easily in the pocket and follows you wherever the need arises.

Saint of all saints, the Pod Aegis kit fears neither water, nor dust, nor gravity and will be able to meet your desires at all times with nomadic gear, economical and accessible to all. Skillfully designed, it pushes the limits of the vaposphere and adapts automatically to offer you an ideally calibrated vaping experience.

Ultra-compact, efficient and complete, the Aegis Pod does not compromise and knows how to get to the point. Simple and without settings, it will accompany you according to your experiences, whether you are a novice or an expert in vaping.

In search of the Grail of the vape? Geek Vape offers you salvation on a tasty cloud!


  • Capacity 3.5 ML
  • Filling Par le bas
  • Autonomy 800 mAh
  • Inhalation Indirect
  • Air Flow Non réglable
  • Load current Max 1,5A
  • Materials Zinc alloy / Leather
  • Level Beginner
  • Drip-Tip Unique
  • Built-in battery Yes
  • Manufacturer

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Pod Aegis: modest, but grand

Unique, sober and precious, this small model of electronic cigarette has everything of a big one. Proudly displaying the enticing impression of the Aegis range from Geek Vape, the Aegis Pod harmoniously combines the top of the top technological advances in the e-cigarette sphere. Like love at first sight, you will certainly fall in love with it at first sight. With its sumptuous imitation leather covering, its contrasting seams, its irresistible look with neat finishes, the Pod Aegis is a delight for the eyes. An original design and an incredible shape for a powerful e-cigarette that holds well in hand. Its resolutely new shape speaks volumes about its fantastic ergonomics. Welcoming in its center a luminous LED, the switch in its discretion lets itself be effortlessly reached. For their part, the slices are covered with rubber bands guaranteeing unprecedented comfort and maneuverability.

Absolutely ! The Pod Aegis combines performance, beauty, solidity and exceptional handling!

A pod with spectacular properties

We can say it, it is never enough, the Pod Aegis and a real technological feat! Unparalleled compactness, absolute robustness and waterproofness pushed beyond its limits, the Pod Aegis like an armored vehicle is ready for anything. An indestructible pod, that's what the Aegis Pod is! Never before has a kit brought out the legendary power of the Aegis so much. Because of its style and its measurements, this all-in-one kit appears from the number of the smallest and lightest high-end materials on the market. Far from the simple attractive combination of high-end metal and silicone, the Aegis pod is a concentrate of shockproof, anti-fracture and anti-deformation technologies designed to absorb the sudden energy of an accidental fall.

Because you might want to hover while floating, Geek Vape has gone to great lengths to provide you with an adequate e-cigarette that literally follows you everywhere! In doing so, the brand pushes the limits of technology and redefines the tenacity characteristic of the Aegis range by offering for the first time a kit with a USB-C port classified IP-67 protecting all electronic components, shock and some water.

An indestructible pod that fears neither water nor gravity and which serves you faithfully against all odds!

Sensational and personalized experiences

The Pod Aegis meets the needs of novices even before these neo-cloudy can identify them. He brilliantly assists the experts who know how to recognize his genius. From your initiation to vaping, the Pod Aegis follows you everywhere. A kit that is perfect in all hands, from the most novice to the most expert! Comfortable on all terrains, whether you are looking for direct or indirect inhalation, this model will adapt to your needs at the moment. Fully under the control of its vaper, the Pod Aegis facilitates the insertion of beginners and enhances the experiences of the masters of the vape. By using the Pod Aegis, you undoubtedly recognize the quality of your vape and the subtlety of a production signed Geek Vape.

We all know, the longer it is, the better it is. Aware of this, Geek Vape in its constitution of the Pod Aegis did not fail to provide it with a satisfactory autonomy and capacity.

Pod Aegis: autonomy to spare

Lovers of vapotherapy, you are going to be served. The Pod Aegis kit offers you with its energy efficient resistors, an integrated 800mAh battery perfectly capable of sending you in the clouds between 12 and 15 W of energy. A boon for a daily and long-lasting vaping in peace, especially when you know that the kit brings together all the necessary security measures.

Very practical, this battery is recharged in two stages three movements via a USB type C cable at a maximum current of 1.5 A. Its latest generation USB-C port does not suffer from any silicone covers which could cause problems during recharge. And for good reason, the Aegis Pod's USB-C port is like all the rest of its electronic components, certified IP67 AND waterproof.

The bright LED strategically placed on the switch, gives you information on the battery level of your equipment instead of a screen, just to ensure a vape session without taking the head. Like a beacon, the indicator light illuminates you on the level of your battery:

  • in green: the battery level is between 100% and 70%;
  • in blue: you have between 69% and 31% of battery;
  • in red: the battery level is less than 30%. It's soon time to recharge your pod!

An intuitive, minimalist and easy-to-use pod

Lighter than its sophisticated predecessors, the Pod Aegis is simple from its constitution to its use. Adapting automatically to the resistance in place, it gives you the most intuitive vaping experience possible. With its unique "Fire" button, you can turn it on, off (with 5 quick presses) and trigger the steam. To make it even more manageable for the neo-cloudy, a cartridge well fixed, but easy to remove, will let you access the filling system which offers up to 3.5 ml of volume to fill. You will be able to fill up with e-fuel in an instant. Resistor replacement will also be carried out without any problems. Change the resistance of your Pod Aegis in two stages, three movements. There you go, the hunt for flavors is therefore open! Go!

PS: the GT resistance of the Pod Aegis is not screwed, it is pressed into the tank!

Included in the Aegis Pods kit

  • 1 Aegis Pod battery of 800mAh
  • 1 resistance G. Coil 0.6ohm
  • 1 USB Type-C cable
  • 1 user manual

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