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GeekVape Kit Flint

The kit Flint of GeekVape is a mini electronic cigarette ultra compact for vaping with a draw tight in inhalation indirectly. Its small size lets you take it everywhere and not necessarily having to store it in your bag, but in your pocket.

The Geek Vape Flint has two resistors in Nickel 1.2 ohms and 1.6 ohms each. They are present so that the user can vape e-liquids with a rate in the high-nicotine, salts of nicotine, or even in the CBD. The clearomizer can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid. This e-cig works with a battery of 1000mAh rechargeable.


  • Weight 88g
  • Height 94 mm
  • Diameter 22 mm
  • Capacity 2 ML
  • Filling From the top
  • Battery Integrated
  • Autonomy 1000 mAh
  • Inhalation Indirect
  • Air Flow Adjustable
  • Connexion Five hundred ten
  • Format Tube
  • Level Beginner
  • Origin China
  • Manufacturer

More informations

What you always dream of in the field of electronic cigarette, a small, ultra compact and exclusively dedicated to the vape MTL had just landed on the market. Small in size, it will make a great havoc among the followers of the drawing tight of the e-cigarette. This mini electronic cigarette is also lightweight, it does not exceed, not even the 90 g. But in a this small device is a concentrate of innovations and technology is at the rendezvous.

The kit Flint is the new-born of the range of Geek Vape. It is a device small compact size not more than 10 cm long. You can take it where you want by inserting it just in your pocket. The small size of this device also allows an easy-to-handle by the user which will have no evil to hide somewhere. The palate will be it even more simple, because thanks to its size it will not be too bulky. This vapoteuse a diameter of 22 mm, has a clearomizer that can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid. It is specialized in the vape MTL, that is to say, for the prints with tight inhalation indirectly.

This device works thanks to a battery of 1000 mAh, rechargeable. This battery can deliver three powers, depending on the resistance chosen. With its 1000 mAh, the battery of the kit Flint Geek Vape allows you to have a wide time-of-use thanks to the autonomy of the battery which has not been neglected in spite of the size of the vape. It is also one of the primary criteria when one wishes to buy an electronic cigarette, self. The vapoteur is looking for a vape that will allow him to take at least a whole day. And yet, autonomy plays a lot on the use by the vapoteur. There are some users who vapotent more than others, but with its 1000 mAh battery Kit Flint Geek Vape is supposed to be able to take a whole day by running at full speed.

The protection was not put away because the battery has all of the necessary protections and the usual short circuit, too high a temperature or other possible hazards. It recharges with a capacity of 1A using a USB cable provided in the kit. In addition to this, it has the function of Quick Charge, which allows you to fill the battery in an hour of time just, you will be able to load the desktop when not in use. The battery also has an LED indicating the power used and also marks the level of charge remaining.

The battery of the Geek Vape Flint works as we have said, with tensions changeable according to the resistance with a variable voltage.

The battery LED indicates the resistance NS Coil 1.2 ohm three colours : Red, Blue, and Green (its power up to 12 W). With the resistance NS Coil of 1.6 ohms three colours : Red, Blue, and Green (its maximum power at 9 W). The battery LED also has as purpose to indicate the level of charge of the battery :

  • Red : less than 30% remaining
  • Blue : between 31% and 69% remaining
  • Green : between 70 and 100% of the remaining

The clearomizer of the Geek Vape Flint has a drip-tip flavor Ultem, two resistors of 1.2 and 1.6 ohm, which allow inhalation of e-liquids with high nicotine or salts of nicotine. The airflow which is the base of the clearomizer offers a draw tight adjustable in its entirety. A nice drip-tip taste of the type 510, a drip-tip in Ultem, which isolates the heat is present on this device.

The tank Kit Flint that can hold up to 2 ml of e-liquid is filled from the top of the tank through a top-cap, the swivel. To fill simply push the top-cap back, pour the e-liquid into the tank until it fills up, close the top cap. A gesture that is not very complicated and still more the habit will become easier and easier to perform.

The Kit Flint Geek Vape has two resistors NS Coils. These resistors must be perfectly soaked with e-liquid prior to first use. These resistors have been designed for e-liquids with a low content of vegetable glycerin (not exceeding 50%), and also in particular for the levels of nicotine and salts nicotine high. But most importantly, two resistors are proposed so that the vape is customizable in power and draw of the resistors, top of the range dedicated to the inhalation indirectly.

The heater, for perfect resistance NS Coils is due to its composition. In fact, it is made of organic cotton and NI80. The resistors are for use with a power which varies depending on the chosen setting :

  • NS Coil 1.2 ohm : 8.5 W 12 W (for use with nicotine levels moderate)
  • NS Coil is a 1.6 ohm : 6.4 W 9 W (using with a rate of high-nicotine)

These two resistors are interchangeable depending on the desired use. And so, to change the resistance, the tank must be empty. Then start by unscrewing the tank to pyrex glass, screw a new resistance, screw on the tank then fill the tank with e-liquid, wait a few minutes before vaping to let the resistance be well soaked. This manipulation may appear rather complicated in appearance, but the whole thing is to be thorough and observe instructions. By following the instructions one by one it will be easy to get to the end of this manipulation. By repeating these movements as frequently as you will have to change the resistance, it will become trivial to change resistance, thus facilitating the handling.

The Kit Flint Geek Vape is " the " electronic cigarette for the followers of the draw tight to inhalation indirectly. Its small size first will take you wherever you want to. It fits easily in a jeans pocket or shirt and is not at all bulky. It is barely 10 cm long and less than 90 g is designed for the handling of this e-cigarette is its main asset.

Then, comes its battery a great deal of autonomy with its 1000 mAh it will take at least a day of work or classes for students without having to load it. If ever she were to be discharged, it is easily rechargeable and this in the space of an hour of time just thanks to the Quick Load. An LED light indicates both the level of the battery but also the power of the vape which is used according to the resistance used. Because yes, this e-cig has two resistors interchangeable according to the power that the vapoteur. It changes easily, thus is within the reach of all. The clearomizer can hold 2 ml of e-liquid which is still respectable for such a small device. This amount of liquid will allow you to hold a good time, it will all depend on the power of vape that you will use.

For your desires flavours, e-liquids with a high nicotine, your dreams of vape economic, your sense of aesthetics, all of these desires-there have been combined in a single device : the Geek Vape Flint.

Comes with :

  • 1x GeekVape Flint
  • 1x Clearomizer Flint
  • 1x Resistor NS 1.6 ohm (pre-installed)
  • 1x Resistor NS 1.2 ohm
  • 1x Glass extra tube
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x spare parts Kit
  • 1x user Manual

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