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Propylene glycol

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We have rigorously selected , for you, the best French e-liquids and flavors , which manufacture their e -liquids without sucralose or coloring . You will find a wide range of PRUMUM products , of superior quality and of French manufacture by renowned laboratories . # TheQualityForAll

E-liquid Demeter 50ml from Dieux de la Vape

Demeter 50ml

AppleKooladaRaspberryColoring freeSucralose free50-50
  • New
E-liquid Loki 50ml by Dieux de la Vape

Loki 50ml

ChlorophyllMintColoring freeSucralose free50-50
  • New
E-liquid Odin 50ml by Dieux de la Vape

Odin 50ml

Icy MintKooladaMintColoring freeSucralose free50-50
  • New
E-liquid Hades 50ml from Dieux de la Vape

Hades 50ml

AbsintheKooladaRed FruitsColoring freeSucralose free50-50
  • New
E-liquid Thor 50ml by Dieux de la Vape

Thor 50ml

Fresh mintKooladaMintColoring freeSucralose free50-50
  • New