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  • Black Series SubZero Pineapple 50ml

    The Black Series SubZero Pineapple e-liquid by Halo is a delicious sweet and fresh tropical...

    16,90 €
    • Koolada
    • Pineapple
  • Black Series SubZero Ginger 50ml

    The Black Series SubZero Ginger e-liquid by Halo is an icy menthol with a touch of fresh and...

    16,90 €
    • Ginger
    • Menthol
    • Koolada
  • Black Series Tribeca Cherry 50ml

    The Black Series Tribeca Cherry e-liquid by Halo is a classic blond with a hint of red cherry and...

    16,90 €
    • Cherry
    • Classic blond
  • Black Series Tribeca Green Tea 50ml

    The Tribeca Green e-liquid from Black Series by Halo is deliciously complex flavors of classic...

    16,90 €
    • Green Tea
    • Classic blond
  • PURE Banana flavor

    The concentrated Banana aroma of PURE by Halo has the sweet flavor of a generously sweet banana ....

    1,50 €
    • Banana
  • Fizzy Bubbler Bubbly Root Beer 50ml

    The Fizzy Bubbler by Halo Bubbly Root Beer e-liquid is a sparkling root beer that will keep you...

    5,90 €
    • Root beer