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    Heisenberg Concentrate 10ml
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    Master the art of chemistry like an expert with the Heisenberg concentrate by Vampire Vape. Dive into the unique sensation of the famous blue nectar that stimulates your senses. Discover the power of the unmissable Heisenberg aroma, ready to be diluted. Be vigilant, as this is where the real thrill lies!

    Taste palette: Explosion of red fruits and intense burst of menthol.

    Recommendation for mixing (50/50): Dosage of 15% – Maturation: 7 days.

    DIY Heisenberg essence 10ml for dilution.

    Origin of the Heisenberg concentrate Vampire Vape: England.

    Important note: This concentrate is exclusively intended for DIY enthusiasts. It must be combined with a PG/VG base respecting an appropriate dosage.

    Discover the power of the Heisenberg concentrate by Vampire Vape, the magic behind the legendary blue crystal that ignites your senses. Even without the notoriety of the hats and black glasses, this concentrate, with a guaranteed purity of 99.8%, transforms yourDIY e-liquids into masterpieces. The essence of frosted red fruits in this secret formula guarantees you an extraordinary DIY e-liquid experience. Much more than a simple television revelation, it's a sensation to discover.

    The Heisenberg bottle is equipped with a 10ml secure dropper. Other formats like the Heisenberg 30ml aroma and the DIY Heisenberg Pack are available for budding craftsmen.

    Made with passion in England by Vampire Vape.


    Heisenberg is highly concentrated; do not use alone! It is specifically designed for the creation of DIY e-liquids. The dilution varies according to the PG/VG ratio:

    • 70/30 PG/VG: 13% concentrate
    • 50/50 PG/VG: 15% concentrate
    • 30/70 PG/VG: 17% concentrate

    Preparation Guides:

    For a successful mix, make sure you have: the Heisenberg concentrate, a PG/VG base (with or without nicotine), and an empty bottle. For 50ml of e-liquid in 50/50, follow these simple steps:

    1. Use an empty bottle of at least 50ml, ideally graduated.
    2. Add 7.5ml of concentrate (15% of 50ml).
    3. Complete with your base.
    4. Shake well to mix.

    Maturation (Steeping):

    Let your mix mature for a harmonization of the aromas. Recommended durations :

    • Simple fruits: 0-5 days
    • Complex fruits: 3-7 days
    • Mint, tea, spices, etc.: 1-2 weeks
    • Gourmet flavors: 3 weeks and more
    • Classic: 2 weeks minimum


    For optimal tasting, store your products in a dry place, at room temperature, away from light. Well stored, even after the expiration date, the Heisenberg concentrate remains usable, although its intensity may slightly decrease.

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