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Justfog Kit Compact 14

The kit JustFog Compact 14 consists of a clearomizer JustFog Q14 of 1.8 ml and a built-in rechargeable 1500 mAh battery with a constant voltage of 3.5 V. The main advantage of this kit Compact 14 is thus its autonomy. This may operate for more than two days after a full charge. In addition, the kit offers different functions intelligent battery protection. This allows a vaping safe.

In addition to its reliability, this electronic cigarette can provide an excellent experience of vaping. This is thanks to the realism of its effects by inhalation, indirect – based on resistances of 1.6 ohm. The Compact 14 is particularly suitable for e-liquid high nicotine, salts of nicotine and the CBD.


  • Weight 102 g
  • Height 91.1 mm
  • Capacity 1.8 ML
  • Filling By the base
  • Battery Integrated
  • Autonomy 1500 mAh
  • Inhalation Indirect
  • Air Flow Adjustable
  • Max power 12 W
  • Connexion Five hundred ten
  • Format Box
  • Manufacturer

More informations

A compact design and practice

Design du kit Compact 14 de Justfog

If you like the reduced dimensions, we can only adore the design of the Compact 14 of JustFog. It carries a powerful battery – large considering its size.

The mention of the term "compact" in the name of this electronic cigarette JUSTFOG is not trivial. The kit has a design rather compact. The clearomizer is not bulky despite its tank of 1.8 ml. The component resumes the conventional format in a tube of an atomizer. We account for 71,6 mm length and 14 mm in diameter. Because of this, take several cartridges for his trips this should not pose a problem. Also, two resistances are available for this electronic cigarette.

It is necessary to bring an attention to the question of resistance. At the time of purchase, the clearomizer Q14 can have only a single – namely, that of 1.6 ohm. It happens that some resellers do not include the second resistance of 1.2 ohm in the box of the product.

It is often found on the electronic cigarette market with good performance. They offer an experience of vaping satisfactory. These models may, however, present a drawback, namely a default ergonomic. The manufacturers focus on the performance of their devices, that they neglect their design. JUSTFOG has not committed this error in the design of the rechargeable battery of the Compact 14.

Like the clearomizer Q14, the box battery wants to be compact and not bulky. This one is less long than the tube tank. The component actually made 67 mm in length to a width of 37 mm. The battery is barely thicker than the clearomizer. The first is without a doubt thick 15 mm – enough to accommodate without problem with the tube tank. In addition, the box is available in 5 colour variations : white, black, green, silver and blue. Find a colour that matches his style should be possible.

In addition, the box Compact 14 has a stainless steel finish – which makes it a solid device. We also note that the pack is fairly light with weight of 70 g.

Also, when thinking of the clearomizer in the box, the kit does not become bulky. It is important to know that the Q14 is integrated in the body of the battery – with only the toe cap that exceeds. Even mounted, the pack JustFog retains its compact design.

We note the presence of three LEDS in the middle of the upper part of the box. These indicators are located between the opening for the mouthpiece of the clearomizer and the ignition button. JustFog has bet for a simple design, but elegant and modern for its new electronic cigarette. However, the south Korean manufacturer is allowed a little crazy about the look of its ignition button. The latter is surprisingly large. Of course, the battery pack has a micro-USB port for charging.

Performance and features

Box et clearomiseur Justfog Compact 14

The Compact 14 works as well with a rechargeable battery of 1500 mAh and a resistance of 1.6 ohm. Also, the clearomizer has a power output of between 8 and 12 W for a constant voltage of 3.5 V. this means that this electronic cigarette JustFog is quite formidable. It is able to hold an entire day, even for big vapor. You can use a resistance of 1.2 ohm with this pack. Thus, the Compact 14 is only intended for the vaping inhalation indirectly. Due to the low power output, this is not really surprising. We don't produce huge clouds with this kit.

With an e-liquid 70/30 PG/VG classic with 3 mg of nicotine, the Compact 14 will not have really good feelings. It is then necessary to opt for an e-liquid with a higher concentration of nicotine. The best alternative remains, however, the use of the salt of nicotine to get the sensations you want.

The three LEDS are quite interesting, they provide information on the level of the battery and some functions of the vapoteuse. When they are all lit, it means that it is between 100 and 70 % of battery. Two indicators represent between 70% and 30%, and a light indicates less than 30 % of battery level. Also, the lights will flash 4 times to the extent that the vapoteuse needs to be charged. For which of the functions of the vapoteuse, the leds in the LED function as follows :

  • Short-circuit : the first and third lights flash three times
  • Emergency stop : the lights will flash six times and hold for 10 seconds or more the ignition button. The system protection turned off so the vapoteuse. A manipulation to do in case of a short-circuit
  • Clearomizer not correctly set up : lights flash three times

On the other hand, this kit JustFog offers a grip easier. To enable the vapoteuse, it is enough to press once on the button of ignition. To turn on or turn off the car, you press 4 times consecutively on the button.

The south Korean manufacturer has also planned a number of protection features for its pack Compact 14. This is to ensure the safety of the user during the vaping. The vapoteuse has a protection against short-circuit, overheating, degradation of the battery in case of discharge, a potential explosion in the event of overload, as well as against variations in the abnormal voltage during the charging.

You should also know that the clearomizer Q14 of this kit JustFog has a airflow adjustable. The adjustment of the latter is carried out with a rotary dial, dedicated. It locates the piece at the bottom of the tube of the Q14. For accuracy, the airflow is used to regulate the air for a vaping customizable. It also recalls that the Compact 14 is more of a kit for a draw indirect. However, when the airflow is completely open, it is possible to a vaping draw live – with, of course sensations lower. For one inhalation indirect, it must be ensured that the airflow is half open. It may be that we hear the air circulate in the tank. It is certainly a bit annoying, but it gets a good steam. On the other hand, the flavor is somewhat mitigated by the lack of power. Because of this, it is advisable to opt for a strong flavor to really make the most of the Compact 14.

The e-liquid has always given rise to lively debates in the middle of vaping. Questions have often focused on the alleged harmfulness of the substance. Several studies can confirm that the vaping is a practice less harmful than smoking cigarettes. However, this is not enough to convince smokers to give up tobacco for the vapoteuse. In addition, many have seen their transition to the electronic cigarette, failed because of bad experiences with the device. End up with e-liquid on the lips is sometimes the cause. JustFog has not forgotten this problem by designing the Compact 14. The south Korean manufacturer has equipped its clearomizer of a " shield ". It is a barrier that prevents the upwelling of liquid during use of the electronic cigarette. For accuracy, this shield localizes at the level of the drip-tip 510 clearomizer. This protection makes the Compact 14 from JustFog is a kit suitable for beginners.

In the complete kit Compact 14 of Justfog

Contenu du kit Compact 14 de Justfog

  • 1 Compact battery pack 14
  • 1 clearomizer Q14
  • 1 resistance of 1.6 ohm (pre-installed)
  • 1 micro-USB cable
  • 1 instructions for use

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