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Kylin M AIO RBA Pod Cartridges

    Kylin M AIO RBA Pod Cartridges
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      . RBA Cartridge for Kylin M AIO
      . 2.5ml capacity
    . Works with 0.3ohm single mesh resistors
      . Sold individually

    Renew Your Vape Kit with the Kylin M AIO Cartridges:

    Adopt a unique style with the Kylin M AIO cartridges, available for individual purchase. These cartridges allow you to store more e-liquid, refresh your kit, or carry multiple tastes and configurations with you everywhere. Choose from a range designed to meet your specific needs!

    Kylin M AIO 2.5ml Cartridge: Standard and Versatile:

    The 2.5ml Kylin M AIO cartridge, a versatile pod with replaceable resistors, is ideal for daily use. It is compatible with the pre-made Kylin M AIO resistors (available separately), guaranteeing an easy and enjoyable vaping experience.

    Kylin M AIO 5ml Cartridge: For RBA Enthusiasts:

    For advanced vapers, the 5ml Kylin M AIO cartridge represents excellence. As a complete RDTA atomizer, it has a clamp mounting plate for Mesh or single-coil builds. This cartridge comes with 5 stainless steel wicks, ensuring efficient delivery of the e-liquid from the tank to the trays of the plate.

    Quality Guaranteed by Vandy Vape:

    The Kylin M AIO cartridges are a creation of Vandy Vape, synonymous with quality and reliability. Available in different colors, they are sold individually for maximum customization.

    Important Note:

    The 2.5ml Kylin M AIO cartridge requires the use of removable resistors, not included in the pack. Make sure you have everything necessary to fully enjoy your vaping experience.

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