L200 Aegis Legend 3 Box Geekvape

    Geekvape Aegis Legend 3 L200 Green Box
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    Aegis Legend 3 Box: Power and robustness for demanding vapers. 

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box, equipped with two 18650 batteries, offers exceptional autonomy and a maximum power of 200 watts. Made from high-quality materials, it is water and dustproof, certified IP68, guaranteeing optimum durability.

    Thanks to its standard 510 connection, the Aegis Legend 3 Box is compatible with a wide range of atomizers. It accepts all resistances between 0.1 Ω and 3.0 Ω, offering great flexibility to vapers.

    For the first time in the field of electronic cigarettes, the Aegis Legend 3 Box incorporates an innovative electro-magnetic unlocking. The box automatically locks when it is not in hand, thanks to sensors placed all around the handle. This feature prevents any accidental activation of the mod, ensuring maximum safety.

    Equipped with the AS 4.0 chipset, the Aegis Legend 3 Box is ideal for powerful vaping. It offers several power management modes, including:

    • Power Mode: Classic vaping between 5 and 200 watts.
    • Smart Mode: Automatic power adjustment according to the resistance.
    • Boosting Mode: Performance enhancement for a more intense vape.
    • Memory Function: Recording settings for five different atomizers.

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box is a creation of Geekvape, known for its robust and high-performing products.

    Note: Batteries not included.

    Comes with: 

    1 x Aegis Legend 3 Box

    1 x USB C Cable

    1 x User Manual

    200 WBattery18650

    Discover the Aegis Legend 3 Box by Geekvape.

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box by Geekvape revolutionizes vaping with its unique automatic unlock system. As soon as you pick up the box, it activates and automatically locks when you put it down, preventing any accidental triggering. This dual 18650 battery mod offers a maximum power of 200 watts, perfect for direct inhalation vape enthusiasts.

    Main features of the Aegis Legend 3 Box.

    • IP68 Certified: The Aegis Legend 3 Box is designed to resist splashes and dust, while enduring shocks and falls. It is ideal for use in harsh environments, ensuring unbeatable robustness.
    • AS 4.0 Chipset: The advanced chipset efficiently manages the two 18650 batteries (not included) and allows you to reach a power of 200 watts. It offers various vaping modes, such as Smart and Boosting modes, and gives you the ability to remember settings for five different atomizers.

    Power and innovation.

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box combines power, battery life, and cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for vapers. With its durable design and innovative features, this Geekvape mod is ready to meet all your vaping needs.

    Advanced locking system.

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box stands out for its advanced locking system thanks to sensitive sensors around the handle. These sensors detect hand contact, automatically locking the box when it is not in use, ensuring optimal safety.

    Design and resistance.

    Made with high-quality materials, the Aegis Legend 3 Box is IP68 certified for its resistance to water and dust. Compact and ergonomic, it is perfect for harsh environments. The lock is ensured by invisible sensors, eliminating the need for additional buttons.

    The Aegis Legend 3 Box offers three locking modes:

    Touch Lock: Activation by simple contact with the handle.

    Button Lock: Locks power to preserve settings.

    Unlock Mode: Disables all locks for free use.

    Ergonomics and versatility.

    The AS 4.0 chipset of the Aegis Legend 3 Box is designed to be intuitive and accessible, with a colorful graphic interface and multiple operating modes:

    • Power Mode: Customizable vape up to 200 watts.
    • Smart Mode: Automatic power adjustment according to the detected resistance.
    • Boosting Mode: Setting the maximum power reachable by the resistance.
    • Memory Function: Stores settings for five different atomizers or resistances for quick and efficient use.


    The Aegis Legend 3 Box by Geekvape represents a major advance in the vaping world, combining robustness, power, and innovative technologies. With its unique features and exceptional resistance, it is the perfect choice for vapers looking for performance and safety.

    Data sheet

    149 g
    88.3 mm
    24 mm
    0.1 Ω - 3.0 Ω
    Max power
    200 W
    Temperature control
    Max Charging Current
    0.96" TFT Screen
    AS Chip 4.0
    Zinc alloy
    Battery type
    Rechargeable via USB
    Battery size
    Number of batteries used
    28 mm
    54 mm
    Model: Green

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