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Le Vapoteur Breton

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Brittany, Le Vapoteur Breton (LVB) stands out as a leading manufacturer in the field of affordable e-liquids. Capitalizing on the richness and diversity of its region, LVB has managed to transpose the very essence of Brittany into every bottle of its products.

The Authentique collection, one of its emblematic ranges, is recognized for the impressive accuracy of its flavors. Whether you're looking for the classic taste of traditional cigarettes, the intense freshness of mint, or the exuberance of fruits, the Authentique range has something to offer you. As a bonus, delicious recipes such as Salted Butter Caramel have been developed, a true delight that recalls Breton sweets.

For lovers of original blends, LVB also offers the Duo Sensations range. These e-liquids offer a fusion of fruity flavors where Banana Kiwi and Orange Mango take center stage. This creative combination gives birth to vape juices that are both fruity and refreshing, a real cocktail of exoticism to savor in your electronic cigarette.

True to its mission of offering exceptional quality at an affordable price, LVB has chosen to sell its products on our online platform A dedicated space where you can discover, compare, and purchase the entire range of LVB products. Within a few clicks, your favorite e-liquids will be delivered directly to your door, ready to be savored.

In summary, Le Vapoteur Breton offers a true immersion into the world of superior quality e-liquids, all inspired by the beauty and diversity of Brittany. Whether you are a beginner or experienced vaper, LVB has something to offer you.


Where do you think Le Vapoteur Breton (LVB) originates from? It's not surprising to find out that it comes from Brittany, more specifically Rennes. These e-liquids are the perfect companion for a proud and adventurous sailor! With a sou'wester to protect against sea spray, a beard caressed by the wind, and an e-cigarette firmly held, our sailor is your guide through a vast selection of e-cig products, each as tasty as the next. These 100% Breizh vape juices are high-quality French products, made in Rennes, something to make our Breton friends proud! LVB is an essential French brand that will appeal to both vaping novices and experts. If you appreciate its products, don't hesitate to leave a comment after placing your order and testing your purchases. You will thus help those who are hesitant to make the right choice!


Congratulations on successfully quitting cigarettes in favor of vaping! If you miss the tobacco flavor of your old cigarette brand, LVB vape juices are available in a classic version with varying strengths of flavor. For a smoother experience, opt for Le Belem, a classic blonde vape juice with vanilla from the Authentique range. Prefer a blonde vape juice of the sack type? Le Stiff is made for you! With its PG VG ratio of 70/30, it offers a strong sensation and offers a range of nicotine levels from 0 mg/ml to 12 mg/ml. Le Ouessant Le Vapoteur Breton is probably the best classic blonde for the vaping sailor. If you appreciate the taste of soft and light tobacco, you will be delighted by this low-cost LVB product! Also being in PG/VG 70/30 and therefore very fluid, it is preferable to vape it on less powerful e-cigarettes, not subohm oriented, to avoid any risk of leakage via the clearomizer. A small pod e-cigarette with resistances with a fairly high ohm value is an ideal choice to savor all the aromatic intensity of this low-cost classic blonde!


What is Brittany without its salted butter caramel? LVB offers you the best vape juice with this delicious salted butter caramel flavor, available in a 50 ml format (1 nicotine booster offered for e-liquid at 3mg/ml, 2 nicotine boosters offered for e-liquid at 6mg/ml), all with a PG VG ratio of 60/40, while the small format presents a propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin ratio of 60/40. What is this gustatory wonder called? Simply, Salted Butter Caramel Le Vapoteur Breton! Our advice: prefer to vape this low-cost liquid on a low-power e-cigarette, with a high resistance to get a tight inhalation and flavors exploding in the mouth. A 40W e-cigarette will be enough to fully appreciate this juice made in France! Obviously, many also appreciate another low-cost e-liquid from Le Vapoteur Breton, Sensation Bleu. Wood berries combined with lemon make up this mix for a fruity and tangy result that leaves you speechless!


We must admit, LVB is one of our favorite vape juice brands. As they say, Brittany, it wins you over! The Authentique LVB range is irresistible with fruity wonders like Pomme du Verger, Citron Tonique, Fruits Rouges, and Fraise des Bois. We are also charmed by the Sensation e-liquids, including the fantastic Sensation Bleu Le Vapoteur Breton as well as the Les Duo range, which mixes two fruits for an explosion of flavors. However, is a site that offers many other French or non-French e-liquid brands, such as Le French Liquide, Juice Factory, Cloud of Icarus, The Fuu, Cirkus, Swoke, Classic Wanted, Vape Institut, Full Moon, Dinner Lady, Five Pawns... There's plenty to choose from! Our e-cigarette shop also offers spare parts for clearomizers and rebuildable atomizers, box mods, resistance packs, and everything you need to make your own DIY e-liquid. Quickly create your account on our site by choosing your password and benefit from free delivery from €29.90 purchase! Don't hesitate to sign up for our newsletter and contact us if needed.