Dear clients, dear customers,

Following a reminder of the regulations in force concerning the stores of electronic cigarettes, VAPOVOR has been given notice of:

- Not to publish its news on the social networks, outside groups (advertising is forbidden for shops of electronic cigarettes),

- Delete his CLUB loyalty program (customer retention is prohibited for the shopping of electronic cigarettes),

- Not to propose a sponsorship program (sponsorship is not permitted for the shopping of electronic cigarettes),

- Do not offer gifts at the end of command, promotions, reduced prices, prizes, private sales, flash sales, coupon codes ..etc... (the inducement to purchase is prohibited for the shopping of electronic cigarettes)

- Do not offer loyalty points (loyalty to a client is prohibited for the shopping of electronic cigarettes)

- Verify the age of each of the clients (which is confusing currently with the law RGPD, and waiting for a confirmation of the repression of the frauds, the obligation is not yet enforced).

- Remove the products that do not comply with certain regulations in terms of information and French translations (such as the BATTERY, some resistors ...).

Other shops, that are much more powerful than VAPOVOR, who can afford to do front and continue the non-compliance with regulations, but we don't currently have the resources necessary to contest the point of order and we must solve by applying the regulations to the letter.

In the Face of this inequality, competitive, and to better satisfy our customers, we have decided to keep prices the lowest in the market, to compensate for the removal of all our loyalty programs. Also, we present our most sincere apologies to the manufacturers would certainly be against our current rates, but that support, however, the illegal actions of their resellers through their silence.

Our team is at your entire disposal to answer all your questions.

The team