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Mohawk and Co

Premium DIY Flavors from Mohawk & Co: A Journey of Flavors

In terms of vaping, the DIY e-liquids from Mohawk & Co, a leading Malaysian brand, are a choice not to be overlooked. Recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation, Mohawk & Co has transformed the vaping world by offering a vast assortment of DIY e-liquids with fruity and refreshing flavors. They have managed to capture the very essence of freshness, offering a variety of flavors that stand out for their intensity and freshness. Among their exceptional offerings, the Fizzy and Creamy series stand out, offering vapers a whole new dimension for creating their DIY e-liquids.

Fizzy and Creamy E-liquids from Mohawk & Co: A Fruity Delight in 30ml Bottles

Emphasizing uniqueness and innovation, Mohawk & Co elevates the vaping experience to a whole new level with its e-liquids offering fresh, sparkling, and generous flavors. These flavors are presented in 30ml bottles, a convenient size for those who like to vary their vaping experience. The explosion of fruity flavors is so natural and fresh that it gives the impression of vaping freshly squeezed fruit juice. This fruity delight will inevitably prompt you to explore the other flavors offered by this iconic Malaysian vape brand.

With each new e-liquid from Mohawk & Co, you are promised an irresistible taste adventure. The delicious and powerful flavors of each product attest to the expertise of this Malaysian brand in the field of e-cigarette liquids. By letting yourself be seduced by the bouquet of fruity flavors offered by Mohawk & Co, you embark on a sensory journey that reflects the taste riches of Malaysia. Try them, and you will understand why Mohawk & Co is the reference in terms of fruity DIY e-liquids.

Mohawk & Co: The Malaysian Master of E-liquids since 2012

Since its foundation in 2012, Mohawk & Co has been committed to providing vapers in Malaysia with easy access to a range of quality e-liquids.

Fresh Fruit Flavored E-liquids from Mohawk & Co

Direct from Malaysia, Mohawk & Co brings you a cargo of fresh and juicy fruits through its collection of flavored e-liquids. Whether they are water fruits, berries, or exotic fruits, each fruit is meticulously selected and enhanced with a distinctive icy touch by Mohawk & Co. This Malaysian company also offers a variety of beverage flavors, always with a touch of maximum freshness for an unforgettable vaping experience.

Mohawk & Co: A Burst of Freshness in 30/70 Format

Each e-liquid from Mohawk & Co is a concentrate of freshness, an iconic characteristic of Malaysian vaping products. Discover delicious refreshment with Mohawk & Co's 30/70 e-liquids. Fresh and fruity, Mohawk & Co combines sweet beverage and fruit flavors with intense freshness for a unique vaping experience.

The Collection of 100ml E-liquids from Mohawk & Co

All fruits, whether they are berries, exotic or juicy, are transformed into intense refreshments thanks to Mohawk & Co's 100ml e-liquids. Each e-liquid is like a small ice cube to vape, offering incredibly sweet flavors. For fruity pleasure, choose a Malaysian Mohawk & Co e-liquid. Each fruity thrill is enjoyed in a 100ml e-liquid, for intense indulgence. To prolong the sensation of freshness, we recommend storing the 100ml e-liquids at room temperature and away from light.

Mohawk & Co's 30/70 E-liquids

Mohawk & Co's 100ml e-liquids are prepared on a 30/70 e-liquid base, ideal for vapers who use a thick e-liquid with a large amount of Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You can therefore savor the 30 pg 70 vg e-liquid from Mohawk & Co of your choice with most of the clearomizers, atomizers or drippers available on the site that are compatible with thick liquids, especially powerful equipment that prefers juices with a large amount of Vegetable Glycerin to avoid unexpected leaks.