Pack of 5 Latex Gloves

    Pack of 5 Latex Gloves
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    A pack of 5 latex gloves for DIY preparation (Do It Yourself, or "do it yourself") is a set of five latex gloves specially designed for DIY project enthusiasts. These gloves provide essential hand protection for various activities

    The latex gloves are the most used gloves for their excellent elasticity property and their resistance to chemicals.

    Moreover, latex allows for precise movements and great dexterity due to the flexibility and thin thickness of the material. This type of product is a protective barrier for DIYers handling flavors, bases and additives.

    With this pack, you benefit from five high-quality gloves to help you safely and accurately complete your DIY projects.

    These gloves are specially designed to provide essential hand protection while preserving the freedom of movement and tactile sensitivity necessary for the execution of meticulous tasks.

    Main Features :

    • Quality Material : The gloves are made of latex, a natural material that offers excellent resistance to wear, tear and puncture. Latex is also resistant to chemicals commonly used in DIY projects, ensuring user safety.
    • Versatile Protection : These gloves are perfect for a wide range of DIY applications. They protect your hands from stains, cuts, scrapes and potentially irritating substances.
    • Comfortable Fit : The pack includes five gloves. They are easy to put on and remove due to their natural elasticity, allowing you to put them on quickly when needed.
    • Dexterity and Tactile Sensitivity : Latex gloves allow great manual dexterity and tactile sensitivity, which is essential for working accurately on detailed projects. You will be able to handle tools, materials and objects with ease while wearing these gloves.
    • Hygiene : In addition to protection, these latex gloves help maintain a clean and hygienic work environment. They prevent contamination of materials by natural skin oils and facilitate cleaning.

    Kit Contents :

    • 5 Pair of Latex Gloves.
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