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Peach-Apricot Flavor

    Peach-Apricot Concentrate - 10ml
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    Eliquid France is recognized for its delicious fruity blends. Their flavor combinations are wonderfully balanced and refreshing, perfect for those looking to cool down while relishing exquisite fruity flavors. The Peach Apricot aromatic concentrate showcases their expertise, by combining the sweet flavor of a ripe peach with that of a tasty apricot. Simply mix this concentrate with your homemade e-liquids for a fruity and stimulating vaping experience.

    Dosage Instructions:

    • For a 50/50 PG/VG base, add 12% concentrate
    • For a 30/70 PG/VG base, add 18% concentrate
    • For a 00/100 PG/VG base, add 24% concentrate

    Recommended maturation period: 2 to 5 days

    Eliquid France concentrates are available in 10 ml bottles.

    The concentrated Peach-Apricot flavor from Eliquid France is a soft blend of peach and apricot.

    Recommended dosage:
    10% in 50PG/50PG
    15% above 60% VG

    14 days10 to 15%FranceFishingApricot

    Eliquid France is a leading French brand in the e-liquid industry. This company has gained a solid reputation thanks to its high-quality e-liquids. In addition to its success, the French manufacturer has also designed premium concentrated flavors to satisfy DIY vaping enthusiasts. With a wide selection of flavors, ranging from gourmet to classic, and fruity, Eliquid France offers a broad palette of single flavors to stimulate your creativity.

    Here's how to create your own DIY e-liquid:

    Required ingredients:

    • A neutral PG/VG base
    • One or more flavors/concentrates
    • Optional: one or more nicotine boosters
    • Optional: one or more additives (more sugar, more freshness, a touch of vanilla, candy effect, etc.)

    Required equipment:

    • An empty bottle for your mix
    • A syringe or a graduated bottle to measure the base and flavors

    Preparation steps:

    1. Pour the neutral PG/VG base into your empty bottle.
    2. If desired, add your nicotine boosters.
    3. Add your flavor or flavors, following the dosage recommendations indicated on the product sheet. Most flavors or concentrates require a dilution between 10 and 20%.
    4. Example: for a 10 ml e-liquid dosed at 10%, mix 1 ml of flavor and 9 ml of neutral base.
    5. If desired, add your additives.
    6. Close the bottle and shake it vigorously for 30 to 60 seconds to mix the ingredients well.
    7. Let your e-liquid rest away from light and at room temperature for the maturation of the flavors.
    8. Use a DIY calculator to facilitate your dosages.

    Maturation (steep):

    • You can vape your e-liquid immediately after preparation, but we advise you to wait until the end of maturation so that the flavor diffuses well into the base and obtain a tastier e-liquid.

    The maturation time varies according to the flavors:

    • Fruity and menthol flavors: 2 to 5 days
    • Gourmet flavors (cakes, muffins, creams, etc.): 2 to 3 weeks
    • Classic flavors: 2 to 3 weeks

    Tip: during maturation, open the cap of your bottle to air your e-liquid, close it and shake again.


    Once maturation is complete, you can enjoy your e-liquid. If you find that the flavors are too intense or not enough, add base or flavors, shake and let rest for 24 hours.


    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • In case of contact with the liquid, wash your hands.
    • Use latex gloves during preparation.

    Data sheet

    Eliquid France
    10 ml
    Child safety
    Recommended step
    14 days
    Recommended dosage
    10 to 15%

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