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    Pinkman Concentrate - 10ml
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    If you particularly enjoy citrus notes, the concentrated Pinkman flavor from Vampire Vape is for you: a symphony of succulent orange, zesty lemon, and sweet and tart grapefruit.

    You might be wondering: why opt for the homemade preparation of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes when it is possible to buy ready-to-use versions? The answer is twofold: cost and quantity. Making your own blends is often more cost-effective, allowing you to get a large amount of your favorite e-liquids at a lower cost.

    Moreover, creating your own e-liquid also offers an exciting experience, similar to that of a budding chemist. And in no time, you'll master the art to such an extent that you'll be able to innovate with new recipes by integrating other flavors into your DIY creations (Do It Yourself)!

    Advantages of Pinkman Concentrate for DIY:

    With the Pinkman concentrate, recreate and customize your favorite e-liquid in a few simple steps. It's not only a joy for the taste buds but also a boon for the wallet. Buying ingredients individually is often more cost-effective than ready-to-use e-liquids, especially as you can prepare large quantities with a 10ml or 30ml concentrate and a PG/VG base suitable for your needs.

    Composition of Pinkman Concentrate:

    Produced in the UK by Vampire Vape, this concentrate is made from pharmaceutical fruity flavors and propylene glycol. Before vaping, it is essential to dilute it in a PG/VG base.

    How to Use a Concentrate:

    Creating your own e-liquid is simple, even for a novice. You need:

    1. Ingredients: Pinkman Concentrate (10ml or 30ml), PG/VG base, and optionally, nicotine boosters.
    2. Equipment: Empty bottles, syringe or pipette, gloves and protective glasses.
    3. Preparation: After cleaning your hands and workspace, dilute the concentrate in the base, mix well, let it sit for a few days, and your DIY e-liquid is ready to vape.


    As in cooking, steeping time is necessary for the flavors to blossom. For Pinkman, a period of 2 to 3 days with occasional shaking is sufficient.


    Test your e-liquid after 48 hours. If necessary, adjust the flavor by adding concentrate or diluting.

    Is it right for you?

    If you are a regular vaper looking for savings and customization, DIY is your ally. Thanks to Pinkman, experiment and combine different flavors to get a blend perfectly suited to your preferences.

    Manufacture of the Concentrate:

    Concentrates come from common food flavors, combined with propylene glycol for preservation. Pinkman skillfully combines citrus for an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

    Quality Assurance:

    Vampire Vape, known for its quality standards, produces Pinkman in the UK, in accordance with European Union regulations. PET bottles guarantee safety and convenience.

    Why choose Pinkman at A&L?

    The Pinkman concentrate is a pride for the A&L team. With its beautiful pink color and tart notes, it appeals to both novices and experienced vapers. A realistic, powerful, and irresistible flavor, ideal for those looking to replace smoking with vaping. A must-try for any vape enthusiast.

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