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    Thor AIO Mesh Resistances
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    Opt for the Thor AIO Mesh Wicks replacement, adapted to the Thor AIO pod cartridge, from the Thor AIO pod kit by Thinkvape.

    They are available in 0.2 ohm for a vaping experience in direct inhalation, or in 0.5 ohm for a vaping experience in direct inhalation that approaches indirect inhalation.

    • The resistances are adapted to the Thor AIO pod
    • Value: 0.2Ω/0.5Ω Mesh
    • Sold in sets of 5

    Opt for the Thor AIO 0.2Ω/0.5Ω Mesh Resistances by Think Vape, specifically designed for the Thor AIO pod kit and its pod cartridge.

    They are available in two versions: 0.2 ohm for a generous and airy vaping experience with significant vapour production, and 0.5 ohm for a cloudy but responsive vape, close to indirect inhalation. Both models are perfectly suited for direct inhalation.

    The 0.5ohm Mesh resistance, designed for use between 20 and 25 watts, offers a vape close to indirect inhalation while being very responsive.

    The 0.2ohm Mesh resistance, designed to work between 35 and 50w, ensures a rapid rise in temperature and a large production of vapour.

    It is important to note that if the flavour becomes less intense and if a slight taste of heat is felt in the mouth, this indicates that it is time to change the resistance.

    To do this, simply:

    1. Remove the tank;
    2. Remove the resistance from the base;
    3. Install a new resistance on the base;
    4. Replace the base with the new resistance in the tank.

    It is not necessary to empty the tank before changing the resistance. To prime the new resistance, several puffs must be taken through the drip tip at the first filling. To facilitate the absorption of the liquid by the wicks, you can close the adjustable airflow to the maximum.

    An incorrect priming can cause an unpleasant burnt taste.

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    0.2 ohm
    0.5 ohm
    Resistance: 0.2 ohm

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