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The coils, wires resistive devices, atomizers, rebuilding, clearomiseurs, Box, Mods and e-cigarettes with control of the ohm products are reserved for an audience and have an excellent knowledge of the law of ohm, mounts, resistors and the use of batteries.

VAPOVOR disclaims all liability in case of damage or accidents due to improper use of these products. Improper handling, improper setting, poor product knowledge, poor installation or lack of maintenance of products can cause property damage and hazardous materials (damage to equipment, short-circuit, risk of explosion etc.).
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It is important to remember that "vaping" by means ofan electronic cigarette is not without danger for the health. The sale of e-cigarettes and all that flows from it is forbidden to minors. The electronic cigarette and all that flows from it is fortement not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers and people with chronic diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, epilepsy or are sensitive to nicotine, or to components of the e-liquids. The e-cigarette is not a medicine or a method of smoking cessation.

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