Smok Box Morph

If you don't smoke, don't vape!

SMOK, a well-known brand in the design and manufacture of e-cigarettes, introduces the all-new masterpiece. This is none other than the Box Morph 219W, a model of electronic cigarette to be both powerful and innovative. It was born out of a combination between classicism and modernity.

SMOK has adapted this mod to the needs and expectations of the vapor in order to offer them the best product possible. Thanks to its new technology, the Box Morph 219W is equipped with a highly secure system which allows its user to be safe.


  • Weight 158 g
  • Dimension 85 x 45 x 30 mm
  • Max power 219 W
  • Temperature control Yes
  • Screen Touch
  • Connexion Five hundred ten
  • Chipset IQ-S
  • Materials Stainless steel
  • Format Box
  • Level Intermediate
  • Power range 1 to 219 W
  • Compatible Bottom Feed No
  • Battery type External battery
  • Rechargeable by USB Yes
  • Atomizer max diameter 26 mm
  • Number of batteries used 2
  • Batteries size 18650
  • Minimum resistance 0.05 ohm
  • Type of mod Electronic
  • Manufacturer

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Box Morph de Smok

Power, autonomy, and power

The Box Morph 219W is a powerful model. As its name indicates, it has a maximum power output of up to 219 W. It is adjustable to your liking. Thanks to its Chipset IQ-S, the Box Morph 219W reacts quickly and easily to the ignition. It only takes about 0.001 s. With a connection 510 central and 26mm in diameter, this box is versatile. Moreover, this condition promotes the association of the vape with many clearomiseurs and atomizers reconstructible. This is one of the strong points of the Box Morph 219W.

The other good news is that the Box Morph 219W is fully autonomous. At home, at the office, in a meeting, during a small outing or even travel, this mod can follow you everywhere. It must be charged via a USB cable provided with the mod to ensure its operation. You can plug it on a computer, on a USB or in the car according to your provisions. When loading the box, the operating current required is 1.8 A with a voltage of 5 V. Its resistance range is from 0.1 to 2.5 OHMS (VW) and 0.05 to 2 OHM (CT).



The size small of the Box Morph 219W offers to the vapor the opportunity to hold it comfortably and subsequently, to store it easily. In fact, it only measures 84.5 mm in height, 44,8 mm in depth, and 30.2 mm in width and weighs only 158 g.

A system often copied and more or less known on the market, the switch fire trigger is suggested on the Box Morph 219W. Just like on the old mod Alien 220, this box has a trigger side placed on the slice. It provides a facility maintained during its use. At the top of this famous trigger is a shortcut button for the Box Morph 219W to put it to sleep a single gesture, without having to access the touch screen. This is very advantageous when the vapoteur is squeezed out of the ranger.


In the design of the Box Morph 219W, the brand SMOK has opted for an image that is both modern and elegant. The aesthetic aspect has been worked to the smallest detail to offer a perfectionism to the product. The size and weight minimal the box to promote easy and comfortable. It presents two sides, highlighted by a color strip. On one of its sides is a print ILM with a pure style resin stabilized. On the other front, it makes up a digital display of a dimension of 1.9". As a bonus, during the ignition of the screen, the vapoteur has access to a numeric keypad. In fact, the Box Morph 219W is the first box to integrate it into its system in order to maximize its protection in the face of other people who are likely to use in the absence of the owner. Finished the use adverse of his electronic cigarette. Below the mod is a trap door removable allowing the integration of the two batteries 18650.



The Box Morph 219W uses a chipset IQ-S to provide numerous possibilities of use and various features. Easily access all this via the OLED screen placed on the outer side of the mod. From there, the vapoteur has access to a variety of options including information about the box, settings that can be modified according to their tastes and needs, and as a bonus, an option of security of the box. The power, voltage, and temperature for the resistors Nickel alloy 200 and Titanium are a part integral of the flexible options. However, before having access to these various features, the password input via a built-in numeric keyboard is required. Thanks to this last, keep your data intact, and save time by facilitating your next uses. In the event of a forgotten password, a series of questions is asked for the owner has still the possibility to use it. The smallest detail such as a background screen until the important detail as to these options, the vapoteur control the box in its entirety.

Available Modes

The Box Morph 219W warranty exchange easy between the vapoteur and the box by offering it a total control over the settings. You can just take a few moments to find your marks. In addition to this, the Box Morph 219W offers an option of data backup. Set in a one-time box at your convenience and at the next use, you simply turn it on and use it on.

In general, the Box Morph 219W shows 4 options, including the information, return to the settings, the accessibility and the stop command. The interface is fully customizable. It displays a wallpaper and a color that you can change according to your desires.

In the advanced settings, the Box Morph 219W has a mode that allows you to preheat the temperature of your choice. It also helps you choose the necessary power. Apart from this, the box displays other modes of temperature control for the resistance in Titanium and Nickel 200 to ensure a perfect balance.

Thanks to its graphical interface, the Box Morph 219W offers the possibility to record 4 profiles of the atomizers. Each profile will automatically record the power usage, the type of e-liquid, the nicotine levels and the draw method typically used with the atomizer.

Using the Box Morph 219W, the user can vape in VW with 3 printing modes : Hard, Normal and Soft. This option allows the box to be both used by men and by women. In fact, the vapoteur is free to choose the mode of vape that corresponds to it. This is part of the data that can be recorded on the profile of the atomizer.



The Box Morph 219W requires the use of two batteries 18650 which are not provided with the mod. They are, however, accessible by a trap door removable under the box.

The Box Morph 219W is supplied with a USB cable to charge one-time batteries. It can be plugged in anywhere, be it in the car using an adapter, on the computer or to an outlet.

A software update to the Box Morph 219W is available via the support site SMOK. It is easily accessible through this USB connection.

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