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Teslacigs Kit Falcons

The kit Falcons of Teslacigs is certainly one of the kits e-cigarette designed for the vape by direct inhalation to the most powerful on the market. This e-cig is a real heavy weight on the industry of vapes to direct inhalation with its different options such as clearomizer, disposable, for example.

Easy-to-use, we can start with the Teslacigs Falcons and never want to leave. Thanks to its use within the reach of all, this electronic cigarette opens up to a wide range of users who want to vape in direct inhalation. Incredible sensations and flavours that are issued for long hours are waiting for you.


  • Weight 80g
  • Height 113 mm
  • Capacity 3 ML
  • Filling From the top
  • Battery Integrated
  • Autonomy 2000 mAh
  • Inhalation Direct
  • Connexion Five hundred ten
  • Format Box
  • Level Beginner
  • Origin China
  • Manufacturer

More informations

An electronic cigarette comes to make its appearance on the segment of the vapes inhalation indirect : Teslacigs Falcons. It is one of the most efficient on the market. Certain characteristics make this device an model, quite unique in its kind, which delights the users. This electronic cigarette is not a new on this segment. Several manufacturers are already launched on this variety of vape. Several kits are, therefore, already appeared on this area, with a frequency quite strong as we may be offering this kit Tesla Falcons. It is therefore " new " in the sense that it has just made its entry on the market of the kits to the frequency supported.

First, by its outward appearance, the kit Falcon Tesla is a box of rectangular shape with rounded edges and constructed entirely of plastic and ABS light.This electronic cigarette has in this case a taken in hand perfect. The kit Tesla Falcons thanks to its small size is very compact, ergonomic and has a design that attracts attention. In addition to that, the off switch for the firing is ideally positioned so you can have an ergonomics is at its highest level on this kit and a micro-USB to charge the battery of your kit. For the visual aspect, the Teslacigs Falcons is available in several colors, with warm colors, very well combined, it is sure that this will appeal to vapor in the search of the originality key. This is an advantage when choosing what will the future vapoteur, the aesthetic also as well as the characteristics of the electronic cigarette.

It should also be noted that this e-cigarette has a reduced format. Because of this, it can take him anywhere (like all other electronic cigarettes) wherever you want without necessarily having to store it in a bag for example, it easily fits in the pocket of your jacket or your jeans. Under this beautiful paraphernalia lies a mix of technologies for a segment of users specific. The kit Falcons Tesla is designed for vapes inhalation and indirectly, a powerful battery is necessary-even indispensable-on this device to vape. The engineers were well thought out because the Teslacigs Falcons door in his pretty appearance a battery of 2000 mAh. A power that will allow you vape for an entire day without having to worry about whether autonomy will or will not because, yes, it will. It even offers you the possibility to adjust the volts from 3 to 4.2 volts. Tesla has put everything on the side of this kit to deliver you the vape perfect.

What makes the specificity we would like to say this e-cigarette is the clearomizer disposable. When you have to change the clearomizer,be sure to always stay on a model with a resistance of 0.2 ohm. It will provide you with a steam dense and a superb restitution of flavors.

The battery kit Tesla Falcons is 2000 mAh, this is a powerful very high for such a small device. The 2000 mAh battery will let you vape in the serenity throughout the day and even for the inveterate smokers who vapotent several times per day and for quite a long time. Autonomy is the major asset of this device, because like all electronic devices these days, it is above all on the autonomy of the battery that orients the choice of the future users. They don't want to worry about having to constantly plug in their appliance which is particularly painful. It is a wise choice on the part of the builders at Tesla have capitalized on the autonomy of the battery of the Falcons 2000MAH. Without having neglected the criteria just as important at a choice of an electronic cigarette. As we said before, the kit Tesla Falcons is addressed to the followers of the vape to inhalation indirect, this device is designed for a target clientele, so it's good to know what type of vape offers this vapoteuse.

This electronic cigarette offers a mode variable voltage up to 4.2 volts. We can find two possible modes :

  • One of 3 to 3.7 V (Red LED)
  • The 3.7 to 4.2 V (Blue LED)

This vape effective, without embellishment, is a return to sources, even of the electronic cigarette basic, easy-to-use that does not require a great dexterity in his handling. Moreover, it is still a selection criterion of his vapoteuse. No user will try to complicate the task with his e-cigarette. At least for the most part, because there are vapes in Mod-mechanical which requires a time of preparation for the vape to use. But most of the vapor does not trying to get rid of the traditional cigarette with an easy to use tool. This electronic cigarette will then remember the sensation of the traditional cigarette and will take away from this last by the same occasion.

The flavours that will be able to find the vapoteur in the kit Tesla Falcons him delight as his strength allows to deliver perfectly the flavours in the steam issued. The clearomizer disposable being one of the features of this e-cig will address this resistance of 0.2 ohm. You will have the choice between the clearomizer Tesla Resin Tank or clearomizer Pod, One Tank of resistors equal.

Like all other electronic devices, there are certain precautions to take on this kit to not put his health in danger. It is necessary to start by reading the manual and pay attention to points on which it is worth attention. There are certain things to avoid in order not to make errors of manipulation. We've listed for you one of the causes that might bring you harm when the use of this electronic cigarette Tesla.

Each e-cig is adjusted according to a type of e-liquid precise. The e-liquid to be used is specified according to the electronic cigarette and train station is one that passes in addition to these precautions. The main feature of the e-liquids is in its composition. The e-liquids are for the most part composed of vegetable glycerin (VG). For those who contain, the content in these e-liquids is not the same for all products. Some contain more than others, and each vape is designed for an e-accurate liquid with a content of vegetable glycerine. We can find models where we are looking for a low VG for e-liquids to be put in the clearomizer, most less than 50%. These models are looking for in this case a liquid to be very smooth to vape it will use. This is not the case for the Tesla Falcons, because this model only works with e-liquids high in vegetable glycerin. A concentration of approximately 70% vegetable glycerin is needed for this model. In the opposite case, with an e-liquid too much fluid, this can lead to leaks of unannounced which are dangerous to the user. The fluid leak is not a good sign at all, it is necessary, therefore, to ensure that they do not have an e-liquid that is low in vegetable glycerin. A high content of VG in e-liquid will allow you to avoid any accident related to a fluid leak.

Comes with :

Contenu du kit Falcons de Teslacigs

  • 1x box Falcons
  • 1x Clearomizer disposable One Tank 0.2 ohm
  • 1x Bag of spare parts
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x user Manual

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