the control of the temperature


The temperature control is a revolutionary feature in the world of vape, but that remains

however, a point to clarify to many vapor.


Also known as TC (Temperature Control) or VT (Variable Temperature), this function is present

on most Boxs or Mods sold on the market.


It allows, rather than managing the heating power (in Watts) or the voltage sent to the

resistance (in Volts), of block or directly set the temperature (in °C) of resistance.

The heating is gradual, and helps preserve the resistance to avoid doing too much heat.


The actual temperature of the resistance is not detected in this case, this mode TC palm

only on the variation of heater resistance.


The devices operating with the control of temperature, use resistors with Nickel or

Pure titanium. On the other hand, the resistors Kanthal or Nichrome, are not compatible to this

system due to a coefficient that is too low, a variation of resistance almost non-existent and are not

not measurable with precision.


The benefits :


  • Protects the resistance
  • It avoids the " Dry Hit "
  • Made constant
  • Prevents the creation of acrolein (carcinogen)
  • Vape healthier