Thunderhead Creations Mod Tauren Mech

If you don't smoke, don't vape!

The mark Thunderhead Creations continues to strive for excellence on the production of mod mechanical performance. After the success of the Tauren GDR, it launches a new model, even more interesting. It is the Tauren Mech Mod.

Enjoy a session of vaping to be very intense with this new specimen of power-vaping. This tube hybrid impresses with its style and functio.


  • Weight 160 g
  • Height 92.5 mm
  • Diameter 26mm
  • Temperature control Not
  • Connexion 510 hybride
  • Materials Brass / Copper
  • Format Tube
  • Level Expert
  • Compatible Bottom Feed No
  • Battery type External battery
  • Rechargeable by USB No
  • Atomizer max diameter 24 mm
  • Number of batteries used 1
  • Batteries size 20700 / 18650 / 21700
  • Type of mod Mechanical
  • Manufacturer

More informations

The mark Thunderhead Creations

The sign Thunderhead Creations, known by its acronym, THC, is specialized in the manufacture of vapes high quality. It has already attracted a large number of consumers with the Tauren GDR. Here we have the TaurenMechMod, a model of innovation and economic performance is the best in his collection of mod mechanics.

Design of the product

The mod mechanical tubular imagined by the brand's THC shows an impeccable finish in copper or brass. These high-quality materials guarantee a high resistance to burrs. Its coating was created based paint sanded to make look great. It displays the product name to easily recognize it in the face of so many other models available on the market. It highlights the symbol of the bull, are linked directly to the name of this mod. The entries of gold and silver do not fade after several years. With dimensions of 24 x 26 x 92,5 mm, TaurenMechMod THC is easy to grip. Its sandblast avoids slipping even if you have sweaty hands. For storage, you just have to fit it in your pocket or in the pocket of your bag. It has a weight of 160 g.

Technical characteristics of the product

The TaurenMechMod requires the battery 18650. However, it is compatible with the battery packs, 20700, and 21700. It offers a user-matchless fit for all consumers. The activation of the "Fire" of this equipment depends to a large part of its swicth. This element adopts the form of a block of copper, and includes a rigid spring. It has 4 holes for gas venting and a range of 2 mm to facilitate the release of the Fire. He also accepts atomizers from 24 mm. A mechanism inside the switch ensures the contact between the battery and the atomizer, in order to take advantage of interesting results. To do this, the mod mechanical of THC highlights the connections 510 hybrid. This maximum conductivity leads to a large reactivity.

The Switch of the TaurenMechMod THC

The TaurenMechMod THC impresses a large number of followers of the mod, mechanical switch with spring and ball. Slabs-plated silver form a hollow circular in order to accommodate this element. These interesting properties of its switch, makes the TaurenMechMod THC very effective because it is a cornerstone, ensuring the operation of this equipment. It keeps a permanent contact with the battery.

When you activate the " Fire ", a ball will move in a different socket positioned at the top of the switch. In this way, the ball will enter the contact area with the battery pack. It is advisable to replace the studs flat by this little ball that the "Fire" is activated very quickly, without you needing to press really hard on the switch. When you release the switch, the ball returns to its original position, at the bottom of the button, almost a spring steel. The switch is not adjustable.

Supplied accessories

The brand THC has made it so that the TaurenMechMod be ready to use after unpacking. You will enjoy an adaptor battery pack to integrate with the interior of the device. When you purchase a TaurenMechMod, the sign of THC integrates in your package the mod mechanical tubular, an adapter for rechargeable battery 18650 and the mode of use. To ensure your security, you should adhere to a few indications. It is advisable to read carefully the manufacturer's instructions in the guide provided. To turn on the " Fire ", it is necessary to put the mod mechanics in a vertical position.

Precautions of use

For the maintenance of the TaurenMechMod of THC, avoid immersing in the water. Simply take a cloth that is slightly damp to remove spots on its structure. Keep this equipment in a ventilated area.

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