Halo Turkish Ultra Salts

If you don't smoke, don't vape!

The e-liquid Turkish Ultra Salts of Halo has the true flavour of a classic Turkish sweet dried in the sun.

With a ph more acid than the nicotine used in e-liquid standards, it offers the possibility of vaper products to high rates of nicotine without having a hit unpleasant in the throat, the nicotine absorption is more rapid. To ideally to be used with resistances above 1 ohm and inhalation indirectly.

  • Classic Classic


  • Taste Classic
  • Capacity 10 ML
  • PG/VG 50-50
  • Bottle PE / Account drops / Child safety
  • Salts of nicotine Yes
  • Origin USA
  • Collection Halo
  • Manufacturer

5,40 €

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