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Vandy VapeKit Apollo

The kit Apollo of Vandy Vape is an electronic cigarette size and compact design for vape inhaled indirectly. Small but sturdy, it is equipped with a coating TPE anti dust (thermoplastic elastomers) and a technology waterproof. This kit perfectly matches the needs of the vapor : its clearomizer can hold 2ml of e liquid. It is powered by a rechargeable battery of 900mAh which can take up to 2 days. Because of its mode variable voltage, the user can adjust the power of vape. With its two resistors are to be delivered in 1,50 and 1,80 ohm, it is possible to vary the composition of e-liquid depending on your needs : e-liquid nicotine levels high, or salts of nicotine.

Overview :

  • Type of vape inhalation : indirect
  • Material : TPE and stainless steel
  • Technology : Waterproof
  • Compact Design


  • Capacity 2 ML
  • Height 144 mm
  • Diameter 29 mm
  • Weight 238 g
  • Battery Integrated
  • Autonomy 900 mAh
  • Type of vape Inhalation indirect
  • Filling From the top
  • Air Flow Adjustable
  • Power 20 Watts
  • Refill Type USB
  • connection Five hundred ten
  • Format Box
  • Level Beginner
  • Origin China
  • Manufacturer

More informations

The kit Apollo Vandy Vape is an electronic cigarette cured in every detail : design, clearomizer, resistance, battery. Vandy Vape has put all his experience in the creation of a hardware-vape is innovative, durable and available in a single kit. The kit of the Apollo is designed to be durable and provide for a solution of vaping for the very long term. It responds to the needs of simplicity and efficiency of the vapor the most demanding.

Kit Apollo Vandy Vape : modern design and durable

This kit Apollo Vandy Vape stands out by its modern design and ultra-compact. It is equipped with a coating TPE thermoplastic elastomer technology and a waterproof making hand easier. In fact, this electron tube can withstand shock, dust, and all the trials. With its wifi technology, it is also designed to be resistant to water, particularly to rain.

That is to say that this kit Apollo has a certification of IP67 which ensure great resistance to shocks, dust and water. Thanks to its finish gummed and creased, it will not slip in your hand. Due to its small size, this electronic cigarette is very easy to carry and use. The relationship between dimensions and the equipment is perfectly balanced. This kit is designed in a set comfortable and ergonomic : only 144mm long by 28mm wide. You can take it anywhere : it fits easily in the bag or in the pocket.

Who is the Kit Apollo Vandy Vape ?

This kit Apollo Vandy Vape is designed to fit the needs of the vapor beginners and experts. Not need to be a pro to be able to use : it requires very little adjustment. The tuning and modulation of this electronic cigarette is according to the principle of vari-voltage. You can adjust the voltage using the buttons "plus" and "minus" according to the 5 preset positions. The user can modify the voltage supplied to the resistance following his desires : 3.2 V to 4.0 V. II can adapt to the e liquid with a higher vegetable glycerin of < 50%, so it is ideal for beginners and for experts. To vape, just hold the trigger.

In short, the kit Apollo created by Vandy Vape is intended for a vape realistic and cost-effective. If you are a vapoteur beginner and you don't even know how to handle all of this kit Apollo, you will have at your disposal a manual of use. The latter will allow you to understand how to handle your electronic cigarette, how it works. No need to be a pro to be able to use the mod Apollo. All the more with its design, the vapor novices will not have difficulty to take hand and feel good very quickly.

Kit Apollo Vandy Vape : battery

The kit Apollo Vandy Vape is equipped with a built-in battery of 900mAh to a maximum power of 20w. For normal use, the cycle of the battery is planned for a duration of 2 days if it is completely. To load it, you only have to plug it on a computer using a USB cable. That is, the battery and the switches of the electronic cigarette are protected by the coating thermoplastic elastomer. In case of shock, the electron tube is well protected by the elastomer. The battery level is indicated by lights LEDS. When the battery is charging, the indicator LED lights up. To be able to extend the life of your battery, it is advisable to always charge to 100% before each use.

Kit Apollo Vandy Vape : the clearomizer

The clearomizer kit Apollo can hold 2ml of e liquid. Its filling is done through the top of the tank. This clearomizer is designed for the inhalation indirect with a draw more or less tight. On the lower part of the clearomizer, there is a window air adjustable on 6 positions for a vape more or less tight from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm. This learomiseur is equipped with a ring to adjust the airflow. The choice of the random draw is done so easily by a simple rotation of the bottom ring around the base of the clearomizer. The filling of the kit-Apollo is also very easy : just unscrew the top cap of the clearomizer. With the two windows fill, you can pour in 2ml of e liquid of your choice. On to the room of atomization, can be found an engraving of the "Mini" to indicate when the rates of e liquid is insufficient. This feature enables you to avoid the dry-hit. What is also interesting is that the color of the joints of the clearomizer is attached with the box.

Kit Apollo Vandy Vape : the resistance

The kit Apollo Vandy Vape is designed with the resistors MTL Coils to vape many different types of e liquid. Depending on your needs, you can pour the e liquid nicotine levels high, or salts of nicotine with a rate of vegetable glycerin < 50%. The clearomizer Apollo MTL Sub-Tank Vandy Vape is equipped with resistors at low power to ensure a good battery life for all your sessions of vaping. Because of this, its power of vape is so regulated by the battery. It is up to you to adjust the tension according to your desires. The resistors have a value of 1.5 ohms and 1.8 ohms, which corresponds to a utilization of between 3.0 Volts and 4.0 Volts, or between 7 and 13 watts approximately. More specifically, the on-resistance of 1.5 ohm is used between 7 and 13w for a vape inhalation indirect little tight. For the resistance of 1.8 ohm, it can be used at a voltage of 7 and 13w for a vape tighter and therefore more intense. It is well advised to begin the resistance before each use. For this, you have to do is place a few drops of e liquid on the parts of cotton visible and let it sit several minutes in the tank full.

To change the resistance, you must first empty the tank and then unscrew it in pyrex. You can then screw a new resistance. Following this, you need to replace the tank and fill it with e liquid of your choice. You need to wait a few minutes, the time that the resistance is well soaked before vaping.

That contains the kit Apollo Vandy Vape ?

Vandy Vape has designed an electronic cigarette with options er equipment very complete, here is what the kit Apollo includes :

  • Vandy Vape AP mod ;
  • Vandy Vape AP MTL Sub-Tank ;
  • 1 resistor MTL Coil 1.50 ohms ;
  • 1 resistor MTL Coils 1.80 ohms ;
  • 1 replacement tank ;
  • 1 USB cable ;
  • 1 Kit of spare parts ;
  • 1 user manual

The kit Apollo Vandy Vape is an electronic cigarette that meets numerous criteria of quality : good battery life, easy to use, durable and sturdy, etc, The electronic cigarette encompasses the performance and compactness in a complete kit. It can satisfy to the maximum the need for vapor beginners and surprise the vapor experts in search of an electronic cigarette performs.

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