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Born in 2021 but rooted in the traditions of a bygone vaping era, Veepon presents itself as a promising Chinese brand of electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories. It specializes in the development of innovative, visually appealing, and somewhat nostalgic equipment. Having made a name for itself in a very short time, Veepon has managed to conquer the market with its flagship product, the Tita AIO kit. This emblematic product, with its modern look and retro essence, perfectly embodies the philosophy of Veepon. The series of Tita and Tita X electronic cigarettes offers a nod to the era of Billet Box and AIO systems customizable to the extreme, thus revealing Veepon's commitment to respecting tradition while reinventing it for the modern era. This range of products allows you to rediscover the classic charm of all-in-one systems, the flexibility offered by AIO kits with "Boro" type tanks, and the abundance of compatible bridges still available on the vape market for experts and aficionados. Whether you are a vaping veteran looking for a new challenge or a beginner curious to explore the nuances of the vape world, Veepon products offer a variety of possibilities to customize your experience. Moreover, Veepon does not stop at producing top-quality electronic cigarettes. They also offer a varied range of vaping accessories that perfectly complement their flagship products. From replacement tanks to spare parts, Veepon ensures that you have everything you need to create your perfect vaping setup. Discover below the latest innovations from Veepon in electronic cigarettes and their accessories. Whether you are looking to renew your existing equipment or venture into the fascinating world of vaping, Veepon has everything you need to create a customized and suitable vaping system for your needs.

While most new e-cigarette brands are striving to gain a foothold in the highly competitive world of pod kits for beginners and puff-type systems, Veepon has brilliantly chosen to take a different path. With a unique, backward-looking vision, it has managed to revive a forgotten part of the vaping world, reserved for those with a deep understanding of vaping. In 2021, Veepon made its entry into the e-cigarette market with a well-defined philosophy: "Advancing the present by building on what vaping has left behind". And all this is synthesized in a single word, or rather an acronym: AIO!

Since its first steps in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes, Veepon quickly made a name for itself thanks to its flagship product, the Tita AIO kit, closely followed by the now highly respected Tita X AIO. With these products, Veepon aimed to reintroduce all-in-one systems, known by the acronym "AIO", especially highlighting the nostalgic style of the "Billet Box". These e-cigarettes, although philosophically close to modern pod kits, have the distinction of using standardized size cartridges, called Boro. Besides the incompatibility of Boro between different AIO kits from Veepon and other brands, these Boro tanks have the unique feature of working with "bridges".

These "bridges", usually sold separately and produced by specialized brands, are adapters compatible with all Boro, allowing the use of various models of resistances from various brands. Some "bridges" intended for experts even offer various models of rebuildable RBA decks. In short, the AIO kits offered by Veepon, notably with its Tita range, are compact, high-performance vaping devices, but above all extremely customizable!

But Veepon doesn't stop at simply producing AIO e-cigarettes. It also offers a wide range of customization accessories such as "bridges", replacement panels, drip-tips, and even prefabricated Tita and Tita X resistances. These products are designed to allow you to get the most out of its complete kits easily and without delay.

Discover the incredible flexibility of Veepon e-cigarettes. Whether you want to optimize your current system or dive into the fascinating world of advanced vaping, Veepon has everything you need. Are you ready to rediscover a long-forgotten side of advanced vaping with Veepon? The possibilities are endless, and Veepon is here to help you explore every facet of this exciting world.