The additives is an essential element in your recipes, Do It Yourself. In effect, it will allow to optimize and adapt the e-liquid according to your preferences.

Here are the various additives used for the DIY :

  • Vanillin

Alone or with a concentrated solution, the Vanillin will be used to flavour and tame your e-liquids. A high dosage, it will make your mixture bitter, attention to dosage (1 drop per mL is enough). Has small dosage, it will enhance the aroma used with a light touch of vanilla.


  • Sucralose – (Sweetener)

Without the taste, this addendum pure will enhance simply the flavour and add a slight hint of sweetness. Say goodbye to the bitterness with Sucralose. (1 drops for 1mL or 2 mL)



  • The Koolada – (Menthyl Methyl Lactate)

It is a additive neutral that will add a freshness and a glazed effect to your mix. It will combine perfectly with the delicious flavors and fruity. (1 drop per 5 mL)


· Ethyl maltol

Flavor enhancer, Ethyl maltol will bring a taste of candy to your mix.

It blends with any flavor, a delight for the followers of treats.

This single additive to a delicious taste of cotton candy ... Hmm ! (3 - 5 drops for 10 mL)


  • The Bitter Wizard

Also a flavor enhancer, additive Bitter Wizard will master the sugar in your preparations.


  • Malic Acid - (Sour)

The malic acid will, as its name indicates, to bring a touch of acidity to your preparation. It has for objective to improve the flavour of some e-liquid and finding a sensation of pricking. It can be mixed with fruity flavours such as apple (taste like green apple), gourmet flavors (sour candy) and to flavour drinks (cola fizz).


  • The Acetyl Pyrazine

The acetyl pyrazine is an additive box, used to give a smoked / grilled to your flavor.

Complex to describe, this addendum may be perceived in different ways according to the palate of everyone.


  • The DNB

The DNB is particularly used for e-liquid flavour tobacco. In fact, it will bring a taste almost similar to the smoke of traditional cigarette. A good compromise for beginners to the e-cig.